Ana-Beatriz-BarrosGQ-UK-August-2009-articleI really can’t tell Ana Beatriz Barros and Adriana Lima apart some days.  They both have creepy cool eyes, slightly parted (but never smiling) lips and dark hair.  I’m not sure if ABB’s teeth are dorky big as well but whatever.

ABB is featured in the August issue of UK GQ and there is one picture that cracked me up.  The fuck is she wearing, wandering around the desert?  I live in the high desert and I can assure you, no one hikes wearing lace thigh highs, a see-through lace teddy, and a flannel shirt tied around her waist.  More people might take up hiking if that were the norm but still.

Ana Beatriz Barros
Ana Beatriz Barros Tongue
Ana Beatriz Barros Topless