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And then there isn’t Maude…

Many of you dont know me.  And now you can't.  Suckers.

Many of you dont know me. And now you can't. Suckers.

Tony Award winning actress Bea Arthur, known for her television roles in ‘Maude’ and ‘The Golden Girls’ died today at the age of 86.  According to MSNBC, she died of cancer.  But she always seemed like a tough broad to me, so I am going to choose to believe she died saving a bunch of whiny metrosexual men from a menacing bear.  Here is some Maude below.  The beginning is the best part.

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  1. Joelle

    RIP <3

  2. vettech

    I used to love it when she fought with Archie Bunker.

  3. vange

    She was a tough funny lady and I like to think she got a kick out of the old “Bea Arthur n00dz” bit.


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