Angie Harmon has the best cheekbones and dimples of any female celebrity I can think of. Her chin just skirts looking manly. I have no idea why I know her besides Law & Order. The only other times I can recall seeing her on TV was a clip of some sports guy proposing to her  on some talk show (tacky!) and some pro-fem show named Women’s Murder Club. I never watched that show but the ads for it cracked me up, it looked so shitty.

When I looked her up, I learned she was on one episode of Renegade. You could only watch TV in the town I lived in during undergrad from 4 pm — 7 pm, unless you had cable. There were months I went without electricity so, believe me, we didn’t have cable. Anyway, the three hours of free TV consisted of an episode each of Renegade, Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. I might have seen Angie Harmon on Renegade! But I was probably drunk because that’s the only time we ever watched TV, so I don’t remember.

She has a new show on cable, which supposedly premiered this week, July 12th. I don’t have cable and I probably wouldn’t watch it if I did. But you can find Law & Order re-runs 24/7 which is my recommendation if you have a hankering to see more Angie Harmon after perusing the 874 pictures I painstakingly gathered for you, my sweet chickens.

Angie Harmon

Angie Harmon Feet