I’m not showing it until after the jump!

I don’t know if this is real or not.  I can’t tell from some of the pixels and I haven’t seen a few shops in my time.  Either way it doesn’t make any sense.

  1. If it’s real, can’t they put the dude in jail for threatening police with a sign?  I bet if I had a sign that said: Kill the guy who played Booger on Revenge of the Nerds I’d go to jail.
  2. If it’s fake, why even make it?  If the guy who made it is sending it to people in order to make them hate Mexicans, is he sending it to people who are on the fence?  Like, is there a guy sitting there saying: “Well, maybe we should have a path to citizenship.”  But then he sees this pic and is all: “Fuck that!”  And refuses to eat at Taco Bell for a month.

Help me out people.  A bunch of people who are like, one step away from being racist are depending on you to tell them what to do!