Jane's costume was terrible. The gallery never hired her again.

The gallery below purportedly shows pictures of people who have been attacked by animals.  Not with guns or knives or hand grenades, but with claws and teeth and hurtful words.  Oh, and in some instances Photoshop.  I wish there were more really good pictures of people getting attacked by less orthodox animals like marlins and bugs.  Or frogs.  I wish frogs would grow really big and eat people.  That would be sweet revenge for all the things that people have done to frogs for centuries.  Eating frogs legs.  Throwing away the rest of the frogs after cutting off the legs.  Frogs have four legs.  Nobody eats the front ones.  Also all the dissecting.  Fuckin’ frogs.  Persecuted.

Grow big, my amphibian acquaintances.  Grow big and rebel.