So that new Apple iPhone commercial with the barber shop has a typically catchy song.  It’s called Fantastic Man by William Onyeabor.  Dude was a Nigerian Funkmaster and he might be the ultimate hipster object of affection.  Get a load of this story:

  • Born in 1946
  • Self-released his first album when he was 21.  To be fair, my knowledge of the Nigerian record industry is pretty limited so this might not be as impressive a feat as it sounds.
  • Self-released 7 more albums over the next 7 years  Heh, the more I say “self-released” the funnier it gets.
  • Never played a live show.
  • Became a born again Christian and straight up quit music and never talked to anyone for 30 years.  Seriously, people tried to do a biography of him and couldn’t even do it.  Dude just QUIT!
  • Came back around in 2014 and did a radio interview saying he was going to do some new stuff.  
  • Died in 2017 at the age of 70, not having done the new stuff.

So basically if you knew who William Onyeabor was you were factors of cool wayyyyyy above everyone else.  David Byrne levels of cool.  Byrne was in a Onyeabor tribute band for a little while a few years ago,ffs.  

So here is this Nigerian trap artist.  Anyone who says they liked him at the time who was NOT from Nigeria would have to whip out some legit albums to be believed.  You can catch fools pretending they saw him live cause they didn’t.  And since he is dead anyone who says they love him now can be prodded into sounding like a jackass if they don’t know the story above.  And to wrap it all up, Apple comes and commercializes him and gets people to talk about the commercial because they used his song.

Also they probably used his song because he is dead and Apple as a company has more money than all of Nigeria so they more than likely didn’t even pay for it.

William Onyeabor, we hardly knew, ye.  But your song sure makes that Apple Iphone barber shop commercial catchy!

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