Created by Euan Mactavish

I don’t know how many of you know this, but we’ve been working on redoing the site in the beautiful style of Art Deco for more than a year.  By “working on” I mean trying to hire people and then getting more and more mad.  But now it seems like we are getting closer cause  it turns out Sangfroid is a good designer.  And since he is already on the gallery non-payroll I’m sure it will work out great.  I mean, we can dick with it for 11 months and it will still be done faster than the last time I tried it.

So to get us in the mood – I collected some sweet Art Deco Superhero Posters made by some very talented people.  Usually I just take pictures without any regard to who made them.  I even do that with people’s MRI’s (I swap them out with pics of clowns) but these things are so good I can’t help but link to the artists.  Some are better than others, but they are all pretty bad ass.  This new look is going to be great (when it is done in 2014).  BE POSITIVE!

PS – I know it is pretty Batman heavy but I can’t help that.  The other super heroes suck!