Jessica Simpson has a line of clothes or something and needed to promote it at Macy’s. That person on the left is her sister, Ashlee.  I assumed she was dead but maybe I just assume everyone I haven’t thought about in 4 years is dead.  It’s not like I can keep track of all these things.  Famous people’s jobs are to do things people care about.  THIS DOES NOT QUALIFY!  I watch Project Runway sometimes.  It takes like, a day to make a dress out of bologna or old mailboxes so why would I pay triple for one from these two?

Maybe if they could use the picture below for the ad campaign. It would improve things.  If she went around sticking her tongue out like that wearing a Jedi cloak and holding a sign that said “This is what your girlfriend wants for Christmas” America would look like a giant LARP game on December 26th.

Why do I not work in an ad agency?