This is what Radiation for HPV Cancer Looks like

35 Radiation Treatments for HPV Cancer in the head and neck.


Do you want to get buy some really cool stuff at deep discount, support cancer research and education at the same time, and potentially make an impact in the lives of millions of cancer fighters and caregivers?

If you’re not a monster, you just nodded your head and said “yes.” Well, read on (or click here if you can’t wait) and I’ll tell you how you can save moolah and fight cancer. But first . . .



Hi; my name is Sparks and I am a head and neck cancer survivor. My cancer was caused by the HPV virus.

No, this isn’t a 12-step program for cool people with massive 10-inch neck scars like me. It’s a frank introduction. HPV throat cancer isn’t reserved for celebrities like Michael Douglas. No one is immune.

BTW – take a moment to check out that sexy scar on my neck. It’s faded, but you can see it – and the lack of muscle where and tissue where a portion of my neck was removed to excise my cancer. Cool, huh?

Sparks' HPV Neck Scar

Such a sexy, HPV Cancer, neck. Don’t be jelly.

No, not really cool at all. I live every single day with the morbidity of my cancer. I am missing a salivary gland, have trouble swallowing, have scar tissue deep inside my throat, and suffer from constant neck pain as my body tries to accommodate the lack of a necessary muscle. Oh, and I have a permanent hernia from the feeding tube that was my only source of nourishment for six months while I battled my cancer.

And I’m lucky. My side effects are ridiculously low. I’m like that lucky soldier that got sent home in Vietnam after getting shot in the ass. If you’re gonna get shot – get shot in the butt. If you’re going to get HPV cancer in your neck, apparently, you get mine.



HPV Cancer fighters do this all the time20% of all adults in the US have the cancer-causing HPV virus. It’s the dirty little secret no one wants to talk about., because HPV is a sexually transmitted disease and, to get it in the throat, you’ve been, ahem, very sexual….

Anyway, 80 million of us walk around every single day with the HPV virus running through their bodies. We’re just lucky HPV isn’t intelligent or else we’d all be meat sacks driven by little HPV cancer drivers.

Let’s have fun with math for a second, shall we?

80 million people, each averaging 5’5” in height.
That’s 440 million feet of people if you laid them end to end.
Or 83,333 miles of people.

So if we stack every single person in the USA with the HPV virus on top of one another, they’d reach a third of the way to the moon! That’s a lot of HPV.



Yeah, if you’re not some ignorant fool who questions vaccines, you can get a vaccine for cancer-causing HPV. It works. HPV causes cervical cancer in women, thorax cancers in guys, and genital warts on everyone in a massive wart free-for-all.

And it works. Since the vaccine was first introduced in 2006, the instances of HPV cancer in women dropped! So get your children vaccinated, people. Talk to your doctor about it.

Sometimes prevention fails, like it did for me, because a person might never get vaccinated. When I was a child there was no HPV vaccine. But . . .



The Thyroid, Head, and Neck (THANC) Foundation is committed to supporting research and education in the early detection and treatment of thyroid and head and neck cancer, to advancing new therapies, and to alleviating the suffering and functional impairment of patients who undergo treatment.

They’re legit folks. The real deal.

THANC Foundation

One of their primary mission goals is to advance new therapies, and alleviate the suffering of patients who undergo treatment for thyroid, head and neck cancers. Even with my “lucky” side effects, I wish there had been better therapies to assist me in the healing process.

No one should have to suffer from surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy for head and neck cancer. There are a LOT more cancers of the head and neck than just HPV-caused cancer, and the folks at THANC are committed to helping educate, fight, and fund research for all of them. Roger Ebert, for example, battled papillary thyroid cancer.

I wish I had been aware of the THANC Foundation when I was battling my cancer. They have a wealth of information for the head and neck cancer fighter and caregiver, as well as a helpful guide, at their website



I started this off asking if you wanted to save money, get cool merchandise, and help support a good cancer-fighting cause, remember?

The THANC Foundation is currently hosting an online action where the proceeds go towards supporting their primary mission of supporting research and education in the early detection and treatment of thyroid, head, and neck cancer.

Every dollar you spend helps. And the auction has some AWESOME merchandise in it, from high end electronics to exquisite jewelry, to clothing and spa packages.

Go check it out. Spread the word, Fight the good fight.

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