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Audition – 15th Scariest Movie of All Time

So this movie was supposedly on Youtube but I cant get it to play so instead of watching it I decided to post the synopsis from Rotten Tomatoes with the twisty shock part left out.  Then since I haven’t seen the movie I’ll fill in what I think would be scarier.  No joke – according to science, this is 15th on the list of the 31 Scariest Movies of All Time.  So how could I NOT improve on it?

Seven years after the death of his wife, company executive Aoyama is invited to sit in on auditions for an actress. Leafing through the resumés in advance, his eye is caught by Yamazaki Asami, a striking young woman with ballet training. On the day of the audition, she’s the last person they see. Aoyama is hooked. He notes her number from her file, calls her and takes her to dinner. He hesitates to call again, worried that he’ll seem too eager. When he does, Asami knowingly lets the phone ring for some time before answering. She’s alone in her darkened room – alone, that is, apart from the….

So if you’ve seen the movie you know what it is.  But if you don’t, here are 10 things it could be.

  1. Ducks.
  2. Sons of the men she killed after she had them over for sex and killed them.
  3. Tentacle rape monster (it is Japanese after all).
  4. A cello
  5. Some Jell-o
  6. The very last can of Mello Yello
  7. Danny DeVito
  8. A six foot tall version of Danny DeVito with the exact same body proportions (THAT’S SCARY).
  9. Some weird thing that the same guy who thought making a soda can you could hump thought up.
  10. Me.

Stupid Update – the Trailer with a stupid watermark is after the jump but you forget it’s there after a couple seconds.

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  1. captain america

    Where is “Batman”, folks?

  2. Acadia

    im building a six foot danny devito

  3. Evangeline

    Danny DeVito Squared?


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