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Big Surprise, I really liked Justice League – Review – No Spoilers

  No spoilers in this review.  I am going to give my honest impressions and the main reason I think DC and Marvel are SO different in the way they execute as well as the expectations between the two.  Why?  Because it seems like it is impossible to have a DC movie without it being compared to Marvel.  Spoilers come later in another post. The Run Up OK so the million issues with the production of the movie, the terrible loss Zack Snyder was dealt, bringing on Joss Whedon, etc, is pretty well documented.  And the studio demanding that...

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Better Send Nudes to Facebook for Safety

Not sure how these decisions get made, but Facebook wants naked pics of you.  According to documents leaked last year, there are apparently about 54,000 cases of revenge porn pics being posted to Facebook every month.  Holy crap that’s a lot.  So their plan is to have people upload nudes of them selves so that they can…somehow science things so that the pics don’t get shared?  That is seriously their plan. So on the SURFACE it makes a ton of sense.  Person let’s their SO take pics of their butthole, and this algorithm will prevent that butthole from being...

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Look up in the sky! It’s Superman….marketing!

So Superman died at the end of Batman v. Superman last year but I think most folks sort of knew that it wouldn’t stick.  You can’t keep your best player on the bench even if he did get killed by a giant, crappy looking monster.  So when Justice League comes out next week, it is going to be fun to see how they bring Clark back.  There are a million places on the Internet where you can go down rabbit holes about which comic line they will use, whether or not he will come back as a bad guy, etc. Warner...

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Convention Report: Women in Horror Film Festival

The Women in Horror Film Festival was one of the best experiences the Gallery has had in quite a while.  After some last minute travel changes, I was the one who ended up being able to go and boy was I glad.  I had never been to an actual Film Festival before because I thought they were snooty  This was the opposite of that!  Made great friends, hung out with movie people and saw some really good movies.  It was also pretty funny that literally NOBODY was dressed up as anything for this so it was a bunch of...

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THOR: Ragnarok – Non Spoiler Review

This is a non-spoiler review because honestly I have no idea what I would spoil. And that is not a knock against the movie.  It is delightful from start to finish.  And the fact that I used a grandma word like delightful is also not a knock.  The movie is delightful and predictable and you sort of know what is going to happen as soon as you get in there and there is nothing at all wrong with that.  At all. THOR: Ragnarok is my favorite of all the Marvel movies now because it is like an AMAZING series...

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Charlotte McKinney in the Fall

I know we haven’t had a lot of Charlotte McKinney on the site lately, but to be honest both “her” movies bombed and I barely go to the movies to see things I WANT to see.  I watched Spider-Man Homecoming on a plane.  So I will make sure I rent Baywatch and Flatliners and let you know how she did.  But for the time being, here is the Fall version of Charlotte. Everyone loves Fall.  It’s sweater weather, so her wearing a black sweatshirt and sweatpants makes perfect sense.  She is very stylish.  Also, I assume pretty soon she will go to...

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Stupid Ben Affleck better not ruin Justice League

Ben Affleck apparently has Roman hands and Russian fingers because he is now apologizing for groping an actress on MTV years ago.  And I heard this morning that someone else wants an apology for a more recent incident.  Now, I have a few thoughts on all this but I want to make sure my main point does not get lost: Do not take out whatever anger you have at Ben Affleck on the Justice League movie.  Don’t boycott it.  Don’t protest.  Don’t do any of that crap.  Why?  Because there are a lot of other careers riding on this movie...

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Tom Petty Died – Son of a Bitch

Tom Petty died today at the age of 66.  He had a heart attack last night and the family took him off of life support this morning.  When I was a kid there was this clothing store called Levinsky’s.  My mom would buy me 5 different color pairs of Levi’s corduroys for school every year.  One year for some reason (presumably 1985 when the album came out) they gave me a copy of the Southern Accents tape.  I played it more than you can imagine, and not just because I didn’t have a ton of tapes. I listened to...

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