Author: Acadia Einstein

2018 Halloween Costume Contest!

We are bringing back the costume contest this year. I am tired of only seeing costumes from people in my own neighborhood and I can’t go to cool Halloween parties anymore because nobody invites me to them so whatever. We are taking submissions until Sunday, November, 4th!

Win a $25.00 Amazon card or a 3 month subscription to Horror Pack, just for taking a pic of yourself that you would have taken anyway!

Seriously, look at your Facebook and Instagram. That is 75% of what you do all day anyway!

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CRHS Season A1 – The Stephen King Universe!

Hey everyone!  Now that Season One of Castle Rock has ended, Hannah and Acadia are going to be staying in the King Universe and bringing you news AND features every week.  And if you want to know what the first feature is, listen in!  We are excited about it and hope you are, too. Oh! And if you want to help with the new theme song, head over to and find the CRHS section!

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Castle Rock Live 2 – Finale Boogaloo

Hannah and Acadia were thrilled to be able to have another live show with some of the Castle Rock Critical crew (this time we got Emma and Len!) and talk about the finale, the series overall and our hopes for season two.  And we got to hear from the fans who had some pretty great insights as usual.  Live shows rule, and so does listening to them later!

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