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Trump Baffles Democrats

The Democrats are a little bit miffed that the fact that people still don’t want to vote for them even though the President is terrible.  According to Politico: Data from a range of focus groups and internal polls in swing states paint a difficult picture for the Democratic Party heading into the 2018 midterms and 2020 presidential election. It suggests that Democrats are naive if they believe Trump’s historically low approval numbers mean a landslide is coming. Sucks for them, right?  The Dems are all: “Why don’t these dumb rubes get it?”  It has to be maddening.  It is...

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IT Movie Review

It wasn’t scary enough. That was the first thing I heard when the credits started rolling on Andy Muschietti’s IT.  And it is true.  But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t scary.  So read on to find out what I mean and to get the movie spoiled for you.  Yes.  Even though you, like everyone else, read the book when you were 15, you haven’t seen the movie, so you WILL get spoiled. So I, like most people of my generation, grew up reading all of Stephen King’s books.  And I remember specifically reading in the newspaper (King was in...

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WB Making a Joker Movie with Martin Scorcese but not Jared Leto

Did you ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?  No?  Well then do you want to know how I got these scars?  Nothing?  Well then I’m not gonna kill ya; I’m just gonna hurt ya, really really bad.  Because if you want to make a joker in the movies you need to make sure he has a catch phrase even though they managed to NEVER give him one throughout 175 years or whatever of comic books.  And now, apparently, we are going to get another bite at the white and green apple.  And Jared Leto is probably...

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Monster Mania 37 – Recap and Review

Usually when I go to a convention it is just me.  Then earlier this year Shooey came to one and this time Jenn AND Shooey came but not at the same time because why would we ever do anything normally?  I gave Monster Mania 36 good ratings and since a ton of stuff stayed the same this time around I am not going to waver from my impressions of a lot of the stuff because they stayed the same or improved a bit, but I do have a few things to say about the guests and how the Gallery’s...

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Monster Mania – Day One

If you are going to Monster Mania in Cherry Hill, NJ, and live in Westchester County, here is an example of a bad travel plan: Leave at 1:00 – go way out on Long Island, then spend 500 hours driving through Brooklyn for some reason, get stopped by 50 cops then drive through a monsoon on the New Jersey Turnpike.  All of it during rush hour on one of the last Friday’s of the summer.  GENIUS! But whatever (it is genuinely all Shooey’s fault) we got here and Shooey got a pic with Jennifer Carpenter and we talked to...

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One Week Away from Monster Mania!

Us Gallery Folk love going to horror conventions in New Jersey and Monster Mania is one of our favorites.  There is something about a bunch of people who all share the common goal of walking around some booths and getting some pics with people famous enough to be appealing but not famous enough to skip the convention. I have heard people say that these sorts of shows are exploiting celebs but to me it is the most victimless of crimes.  Sure, I wondered why John Cusack needed to get paid $45.00 to get his picture taken.  But then I...

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The Dark Tower Review – It’s Complicated

I just got back from seeing The Dark Tower and honestly, “It’s complicated” is not a thumbs up OR a thumbs down.  It’s just…complicated.  I don’t hate it.  I probably won’t go see it again in the theater.  I read some reviews after I got home and I get some people’s points but I also realize that the thing I thought going in was the thing that was going to make people prone to hating this movie. ONE MILLION SPOILERS FOR EVERYTHING AHEAD INCLUDING HOW YOU WILL DIE (maybe). There is no way to make Stephen King’s weird novels AS...

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Twitter Wars – American Style

Ahhh Twitter.  Where else can you get jokes that take hours to write so that they seem super spontaneous, tons of personal resolutions that you can’t follow up on because they are gone too quickly, thousands of people tweeting about ways to promote your personal brand while the world falls apart and the poor goofs who actually can’t figure out how to set up their printer and need actual help? Twitter has it all, but the real reason people show up are the feuds.  Twitter is the only place where famous rich people get to act like the rest...

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