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Author: Acadia Einstein

The old host screwed us

So – I got screwed by my old, bad host. They are ixwebhosting and they eat it. I am still wondering if they realize they were telling me that I should find a new host because my site is too popular. It still makes no sense...

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Prove Your Love with Ink!

You may not know it to look at us, but we have legions of fans willing to write on themselves to demonstrate their love for the gallery.  And you could be one of them! If you want to just look at everyone else – then visit...

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Batman Movie = Oscar Madness

We all know that The Dark Knight is not going to win Best Picture. It may win some technical awards – just none of the biggies. There will be too many movies where some asshole learns something about himself to let a good...

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YouTube is down?

At first I thought it was just me when my videos did not work. It usually is. But not this time. It seems to me as though YouTube is broken. If you can see the videos below, or if you can get to youtube, let me know in the...

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Carnival Friday

It’s Carnival Friday, which is code for the night all the work gets done on the site.  So get ready for hot…site action, I guess.  Or something.  And to start it all off right, I decided to post a pic of Keating...

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Amy Weber is Lazy

Look at her. Just laying there. Too lazy to even put on her bathing suit. Shameful. She’s probably drunk. And I bet that’s not even her pool. In fact, that sort of looks like MY pool. I will be right back. I need to...

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