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Author: beans

Man Candy Monday: Wes Bentley

Okay, this guy has incredible eyes. I mean seriously, look at them and if you don’t feel like you’re getting hypnotized, then maybe you’re not human or possibly your lady parts are broken… I don’t...

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Man Candy Monday: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

The first time I saw this guy, all I could think about was Charming from Shrek. He looked the part, and as evil and stupid as Charming was, there was something just a little bit attractive about that arrogance. The character...

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Man Candy Monday: The Men of Bon Temps

I don’t care what anyone says, I love True Blood. I literally mope around all year waiting for it to come back after the last episode airs. I watch old seasons at night before bed and have favorite scenes memorized....

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Man Candy Monday: Mark Ruffalo

I don’t know what it is about Mark Ruffalo, but a few years ago I was cuddled up with my daughter watching a movie about this girl who wished on her birthday to be a grown-up. She was so mean to her best friend, who only...

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Man Candy Monday: Chris Hemsworth

Okay, people… I’m not going to lie to you. I didn’t know who the hell Chris Hemsworth even was until he played Thor. I’ve always had a thing for Thor, not just the Marvel superhero, mind you, but the...

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Man Candy Monday–Antonio Banderas

When I was in high school, I saw Antonio Banderas for the first time and I got all melty and squishy. It was a beautiful thing. When he played the vampire in that Anne Rice movie, I fell in love. Like true love. You shut up, it...

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Man Candy Monday–Heath Ledger

I have never been one to gush all over celebrities, though I don’t deny I’ve fangirled a few times over men I thought were attractive, but Heath Ledger… he was a whole other story. He had an absolutely amazing...

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Man Candy Monday: Wrestlemania Edition

I don’t watch wrestling… well, I do, but not really. I look at the smoking hot muscle guys all oiled up in the squared circle with their microphones and their booming voices not because I love wrestling, but because...

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