Author: BNev

When Word Over-compensators Attack

I was recently confronted on an opinion piece with the idea that my notions were poorly written, ridiculous, preposterous and strewn together because of a life of white privilege. I lol’d. The idea that someone’s skin color could be at the center of who that person is or how their life has been lived or hasn’t is the deepest ideals of racism, isn’t it? I write for the audience at hand… This quote from Einstein is one of my favorite principles. I always make it my business to fully understand whatever it is I am writing about. After all,...

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Yes, The Greatest Generation!

How many times have you heard “the greatest generation”? Enough to make you wanna kick puppies? I know that escalated quickly, but that’s the truth and so is the fact that they are. Instead of taking selfies in front of other men and women doing great things, they were doing them! Here are 17 pictures to prove it… Invalid Displayed...

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Here Today, Gorilla Tomorrow

As we all know Harambe, the 17 year old silverback gorilla was killed, and in the spirit of all things internet it is now time to pretend that we are all so much better than the mother of that 4 year old boy. Pick up your pitch forks and torches at your nearest Wifi connection, i.e. Starbucks and don’t forget to order a venti soy mocha cup of shut the hell up. Don’t forget to care more about this gorilla then a human life too. Lol America! Where were all of you all the years that Harambe was in...

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Coming Soon: Waiting For the Train- Operation America AF

Well it looks like someone made a huge mistake and left the doors unlocked at the offices of Superficial Gallery, Bwah ha ha ha ha ha. For the next couple days the coffee might taste a little funny, Acadia might find a “present” in his office slippers and Jenn will see a 200% raise on her paycheck. While I’m here I figured I should also give you a heads up on how I’m turning the pages here red, white and blue cause I LOVE AMERICA. If you don’t already know Monday, May 30th is Memorial day. We’ll be kicking...

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