Author: Choo

Need Some Comic Relief Today? Watch This.

Those of you who do know me personally (that is probably like one of you) know that I am a huge Walking Dead fan. This is a hard time of year for me as the show is not currently airing. I keep myself busy by working with The...

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Woman Crush Wednesday – Judith O'Dea

There are many lovely ladies out there but this lady takes the cake. Meeting her for the first time last year at a convention in Atlanta, I was taken aback at how approachable she was and just how warm and welcoming her...

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Why My Friday Night Blew…..Literally

When you are young, dumb and full of umm piss and vinegar you often have that “It won’t happen to me attitude” or the whole “lack of a foreseeable consequence for your actions” kind of attitude. The...

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