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Let’s Scare Jenn to Death: Suspiria (1977)

  Introduction By Guest Writer James Olchak Welcome to Let’s Scare Jenn to Death, the year-long experiment in making Jenn watch movies that she would never choose on her own, because she is a scaredy cat when it comes to such things. Why are we doing this? Well, the pretend reason is to expose Jenn to the richly satisfying subculture of horror movies, and hopefully kindle in her an appreciation for the artistry behind the cheap, exploitative, blood-spattered veneer that has repelled her for her whole life. It’s culturally important! But the real reason is to take amusement from...

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The Cloverfield Paradox

Despite harrowing illness I stayed up last night to watch the new Cloverfield movie and review it for all of you people because that’s how dedicated I am! 

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I think we can all use some cute animals

You know what I think we need right now? Some cute animals. I know I do. I was sick today and I’m angry AF about it. But cute animal pictures and gifs and videos soothe my angry soul. So here you go, let me share some of my favorites. You’re welcome.

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