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A Boston Thing: Snow and Space Savers

Boston had its first significant snowstorm of the season last week, and that means it’s time for one of the most heated debates in the city – are space savers cool or nah? Well, let’s review the facts first, shall we?

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Announcement! New Series for 2018

Jenn Martinelli is scared of horror movies. She can read spooky stuff or delve into the gory details of serial murders for the podcast she does with her masked sidekick, Acadia Einstein (Strangeful Things), but she finds spooky movies too spooky.

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Women are kind of having a moment here, folks

Listen, men (and I basically mean cis white men when I say this), I have been warning you for a long time that everyone who’s not a man is sick of your crap and not going to put up with it any longer, and that your time was up. Haven’t I? Yes, yes I have. Well, we’re kind of having a moment right now, that is way way way overdue, and so I’m going to revel in it and shove it in your faces every chance I get. So here is a list of some good reads that you...

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Women Killing it Online

If you’d like a small break from all the completely craptastic news about how men are trash, here are some fun things women have done online lately that should make you laugh for a few minutes. Compiled by me and many of my feminist killjoy friends.

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