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Game of Thrones Finale: The Dragon and the Wolf

First of all, apologies, I was basically at death’s door when the show aired and for like 3 days after, so I was in no state to keep up with my duties at the Gallery.¬†You don’t have to yell at me, guys, Acadia already did that. Second… I kind of feel like I have to write two posts about this. But I’ll start and we’ll see. Here goes… Things that were amazing: Dany’s forces showing up at King’s Landing and the Lannisters kind of being like “oh snap, we’re boned.” Dany arriving on her dragon, obvi. Cersei almost being...

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Kudos to Google for Firing that Tech Bro

Guys I’m telling you right here and now that I’m declaring David Brooks as my personal enemy. You know, the “my friend who only has a high school degree doesn’t understand sandwiches” guy? Yeah, I heard your eyes roll. Mine too, fam. Mine too. Anyway, he wrote an article about how Google’s C.E.O. should step down for firing James Damore, the techbro a**hat who wrote this 10 page memo that I’m sure you’ve all heard about (here it is in its entirety). There are already enough things written about how awful Damore is so I’m going to address Brooks’s...

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Game of Thrones: The Spoils of War

So we missed a couple of weeks because the site was down (but notice its new hotness yay!) so let me just assume that if you’re reading this, you already watched those, and we’ll jump to the current episode in which all my Mother of Dragons dreams came true. Obviously, spoilers galore. If you haven’t watched it yet, it’s already pretty spoiled by the first paragraph, and you should stop reading. First some reunions and tense convos Ok so some important things happen. Arya gets back to Winterfell and reunites somewhat awkwardly with Sansa… and even more awkwardly with...

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