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Newsflash: French Science Discovers Men Like Sexy Things

Hey everyone, you’ll be glad to know that France has completed a super important study: they have concluded that high heels are sexy and have an effect on (I assume straight) men! Thanks, French science. What would we do without you? Suggestions for your next study: Do cats like yarn? Does wine make people drunk? When you are hungry should you eat food? Is fire hot? I anxiously await the results. I am pretty sure I knew high heels were sexy when I was about 4. I should have moved to France and become a scientist. By the way,...

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Why LinkedIn is Completely Terrible

People have been complaining about LinkedIn for years but in case you haven’t really been paying attention or listening, or you are kind of a slacker about paying attention as I sometimes am, and maybe perhaps have been needlessly building up your LinkedIn profile and gathering contacts and making yourself look really awesome on there, let me tell you something: you should stop. LinkedIn is like the worst of Facebook (competing with everyone else you’re connected to) plus a permanent job interview. Nobody needs that, man. Nobody. I have had a LinkedIn account since the beginning, literally. Like I...

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In Case You Didn't Get It Last Time: This is Why Street Harassment Is Not OK

In case you missed the earlier post on street harassment, go check it out first please. Then let me explain something to you – this week two women were violently attacked for rejecting the “overtures” of their street harassers. One of them died. The other one had her throat slashed and is in critical condition in the hospital. So, to the geniuses who tell women to “just ignore it” or “enjoy it it’s a compliment” or, like the genius on CNN, “get tough” and “buy a gun” – this is what can happen when you don’t behave the way your...

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Street Harassment, or the Idiot's Guide to Not Being an A**hole

Watch this. OK, now do you understand that this is what women are subjected to every day of their lives for having the nerve to walk down the street in the cities where they live and, you know, go about their business? They might be walking to work or school or the grocery store. In other words, living their lives. Now I need anyone who is reading this, man or woman, who might be thinking something along the lines of “It’s not that bad” or “It’s a compliment! What’s her problem?” or anything else like that to listen very...

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Congress is Full of Idiots

Listen everybody, there is this thing out there that people keep debating as if it is in question: Climate Change. Yes, that’s the same thing as Global Warming. It was renamed to stop confusing all you stupid idiots who think that if there is something called “Global Warming” happening then there can’t be cold days ever, or snow. If you really think this, then stop reading, close your browser, and go back to reading about how Adam and Eve rode around on dinosaurs. You’re all done here. Otherwise, please see this. The Daily Show Around 3:16 this gets to...

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Man Candy: Idris Elba

Hey friends, sorry I had a pretty long hiatus there on the Man Candy front. My bad. I have been working on a bunch of stuff and… nevermind, you don’t care. You care about ogling men so here you go. The hottest giant robot pilot (see second hottest here). First of all, I did zero research here so I don’t know much about Idris’s movie history, I just know I think of him as that hot guy who’s in a lot of stuff but I’m never sure what. Most recently of course he was in that movie No Good...

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Let Me Tell You Something, Camille Paglia

So Camille likes to press buttons and say controversial things. Mostly I just ignore her because I find that her wackadoodle thinking has little intrusion on my daily life, but heck if this story wasn’t linked to all over the place. So of course I read it, and I find it pretty upsetting, honestly. Of course we can’t pretend that rape doesn’t happen or that other assaults and violence don’t happen, and I’m all for colleges not acting as parents and coddling everybody, but I take issue with things like: …the majority of campus incidents being carelessly described as sexual assault are not felonious rape (involving force or drugs) but oafish hookup melodramas, arising from mixed signals and imprudence on both sides. I know someone who was date-raped (well only one person that has told me, statistically I know more than one). It’s a stupid term to even use. It means raped by someone you know. It’s still rape. It’s still traumatizing. It’s still terrible. It’s not just oh, there were mixed signals. The fact that you would even say that, Camille, is really pretty insulting. I’ll come back to this later. Too many young middleclass women, raised far from the urban streets, seem to expect adult life to be an extension of their comfortable, overprotected homes. But the world remains a wilderness. The price of women’s modern freedoms is...

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You Need Feminism, Ladies.

The next woman who says she doesn’t “need feminism” is going to get a punch square in the face from me. This goes for girls, too, actually, those of you under 18. I’m not afraid to punch you. So straighten up and fly right. Let me tell you about some of the things that feminism, which some of you ignorant idiots seem to think is a dirty word, has accomplished for you, you lazy ingrates: You can vote You can own property You can have your own bank accounts and credit cards You can have sports teams You aren’t viewed as your husband’s property Now let me tell you about some things that you still don’t have, which you obviously should, which you would never have if the concept of feminism were to disappear today: Equal pay for equal work (nobody is talking about a receptionist being paid the same as the CEO, don’t be a basic b****) Equal treatment in the workplace: For women, behavior that is often called “ambitious” for men is termed “bossy” or “abrasive”. Freedom from Mansplaining: OK, this is a little tongue-in-cheek but seriously, look at this guy: Mansplaining With a Side of Racism Many places in the world, all of the things in the first list are NOT rights that women have Many places in the world, not only are the first list not...

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Man Candy Monday – Charlie Hunnam

You guys, I was starting to feel like I have a type, so I had to make a conscious effort to not pick another tall dark and handsome this week. So enter Charlie Hunnam. I know him best as Jackson ‘Jax’ Teller from Sons of Anarchy, although his breakout role was actually in Queer as Folk (the original, British version). But I’m not posting any photos from then because he was just a youngun and this is a family site. (Right?) You may have already started to gather that I may take various television shows a little too seriously,...

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Man Candy Monday: Anson Mount

First of all, this is kind of a double-feature post because it is not just about the hotness of one Mr. Anson Mount …it is also about how you should all be watching Hell on Wheels. First of all, this will seem like a digression but too bad because this is my post, but have you people seen Deadwood? Because if you have not then you are dumb idiots. I will admit that I am in the middle of watching it so I haven’t seen it through to the finale so if something completely unacceptable happens then maybe I will change my tune but the best I can tell, the unacceptable thing that happened is that it was cancelled and never actually HAD a finale. So shame on you, HBO. Anyway, if you have watched that show and enjoyed it then for the love of all that is great about TV, you should be watching Hell on Wheels. OK, back to Anson. He is now and forever will be Cullen Bohannon. I am pretty sure that if I were (please God) to meet him in person I would be pretty confused if he wasn’t dressed like this, and possibly engaged in this exact activity: Without ruining this with spoilers, basically Cullen is a former Confederate soldier who is chasing and chased by various demons, trying to sort himself out...

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