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Women in Horror 2020 is Here!

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  • The Love Me Tender Murders
    This story starts with the Grimes sisters going to see an Elvis movie on December 28, 1956 and becomes the biggest search in the history of the city of Chicago. Join Acadia, Mells and Shooey as they explore this story in depth from beginning to end.
  • The Oakville Blobs
    Look up in the sky!  It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a bunch of tiny blobs of goo that will make you sick if you touch them! The tiny town of Oakville, WA found out what happens when you start gooshing things that should not be gooshed!
  • Leopold and Loeb Part Two
    Shooey wraps up the story of gutless punks Leopold and Loeb this week with some marvelous acting from Mells and Acadia.  What would we do without these dramatic readings?!?
  • Leopold and Loeb Part 1
    Shooey brings us part one of a two part episode concerning the murderous bastards Leopold and Loeb.  Join him, Mells and Acadia as the cover the early life of the men, as well as the planning and execution of the crime.
  • Tarrare - The Hungriest Man in the World
    Not gonna lie, folks. This week's episode is pretty gross. Join Mells, Shooey and Acadia as the explore the strange life of a Frenchman named Tarrare who would eat anything. And we mean anything!
  • The TWA 800 Podcast
    This week, Acadia, Mells and Shooey tackle the tragedy of the TWA 800 crash. Was it an accident, or is one of the MANY conspiracy theories actually correct? From terrorists to the government and back again, we dig into all of it and learn a little bit about big business along the way.  Join us […]
  • Emma Fillipoff
    Emma Fillipoff was a young woman finding herself in the beautiful town of Victoria, British Columbia when she disappeared. The team digs into the story and the mystery.  And, as promised, here is the shout out to Bailey Sarian who got Mells interested in the topic!
  • The Judith Hyams Podcast
    Join Acadia, Mells and Shooey as they talk about a case from back in 1965 that was on Unsolved Mysteries back in 1990.  For a super old case it sure is creepy. Give it a listen if you dare!!!!
  • The Aztecs
    In the premiere of season four, Acadia, Mells, and Shooey talk about how absolutely metal the Aztec culture was. From Flower Wars to piles of heads, the Aztecs are fascinating and terrifying!
  • The Jennings 8 - Part Two
    Acadia, Mells, and Shooey wrap up their coverage of the Jennings 8 murders, also known as the Jeff Davis 8 in this episode.  The story will make you sad and angry, which is how you should feel once you get all the facts. These women need justice.

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