Author: Dan Lee

The Books of the Dead – How Graphic Novels are Changing Horror Cinema

I’ve always loved dark, one shot graphic novels and comic books. A self contained story of science fiction, horror, or intrigue with beautifully drawn panels, vibrant characters, and a gripping narrative that keeps me hooked until the last page will always hold a high place in my personal library. As a kid, comic books were the bane of every literature and art teacher I ever knew, seen as trashy and tawdry with no educational or artistic value whatsoever. Thanks to the multibillion dollar success of Marvel and Dark Horse comics with their film and television adaptations of stories like...

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Let’s Save GWAR’s Balsac – The Benefit for Balsac April 7th

Horror is a very wide and varied genre and there’s a lot that falls under that ever expanding umbrella. Certain subgenres of music and performers are often considered to be a part of the horror and macabre communities for the nature of their lyrics or their stage presence. GWAR is one of those bands that has managed to take elements of special effects and costuming to create larger than life, evil alien stage personas to become a fan favorite both in the music industry and in horror. The band has had a long and, at time, tumultuous career spanning...

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Slayaway Camp – Killing Time with Puzzles and Carnage

I’ve never been a big gamer and, unless I’m stuck in the midst of something mind numbingly tedious, I don’t often play a lot of phone games either. I’ve found most of the stuff I can download to be equal parts banal and expensive with the only way to truly advance being through the purchase of special upgrades. Most games you’ll find for Android and apple won’t let you level up unless you break out your credit card. So imagine my surprise when I was introduced to Slayaway Camp, a game that neither requires the obnoxious purchase of power...

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Why Do We Need Women in Horror Month?

There’s always that guy. You know who I’m talking about. He’s got that “All Lives Matter” bumper sticker and wants to argue semantics over everything whenever he can’t formulate a coherent opinion on an issue. He’s the same guy that will look a female filmmaker in the face and ask “Why do we need a Women in Horror Month?” I kind of want to punch him in the throat just describing him but, since I can’t very well deliver five knuckles of education to every last clod I encounter, a snarky op/ed piece will have to do. This is...

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Scratch: A Perfect Film if you Hate Valentine’s

Once a year, the stores are filled with candy, roses, cards, and other hollow gestures of love shoved down our collective throats by corporations and retailer–because that’s what love’s all about. But for those of us who aren’t into chalky candy hearts and thrift shop perfume, how do you get through the manufactured season of affection? By checking out all of the gender stereotype-bashing, blood and gore-flinging films that Women in Horror Month can offer. And what better time than Valentine’s Day to release Scratch for the entire world to see? Scratch is “the anti-Valentine’s Day movie” when you...

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