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Airing of Grievances: Academy Award Best Picture Nonsense

The Academy Awards take place tonight, and already, folks are revving the engines for the Backlash if Get Out happens to not win the Best Picture category. The Oscars these days are fueled by a cacophony of bullshit coming from many people who haven’t seen the Movies that have mega-gripes with the one or two movies they have seen somehow managing to not win. We avoided this somewhat last year. Not that anyone saw Moonlight before the Academy Awards, but, it was, at the very least a milestone moment for the Award. It’s also a great film, and winning the Award led...

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The Woman In The Window by AJ Finn

I went into AJ Finn’s The Woman In The Window more than slightly skeptical. A marketing darling, a “like Gone Girl” psychological thriller and movie rights already sold. Marketers, and Book Editors/Publishers that lean heavily on them, aren’t generally the best judge of what makes a good book. I mean, The Girl on The Train caught much of the same fire, best-seller for many weeks, movie right away, and is an unequivocally awful book. But, ultimately, the author delivers a very enjoyable read that is at least more like Gone Girl than The Girl on the Train was. Let me talk...

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Carson Wentz Can Bring Brinner Into the Mainstream

Carson Wentz is celebrating the Super Bowl by becoming the Vice President of the United States. Wentz is replacing VP Mike Pence as keynote speaker at the National Prayer Breakfast Dinner on Thursday, just mere hours after traveling the streets of Philadelphia looking on at Eagles fans drinking hefty amounts of free Bud Light. This is, presumably, a big honor for Wentz, who, based on his many mentions of Thanks after games and such, is a big fan of God. Myself, I am a big fan of not listening to Pence speak. Will this shed any light on the...

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Reflections on Serial

 **SPOILERS, DERH** At some point along the way when listening to Sarah Koenig’s podcast, Serial, you realize that the conclusion isn’t exactly going to be clean. The serialized podcast is based on a real-life murder with “DID HE DO IT?” subject matter concerning someone currently still in jail. Which, in many ways is beneficial to the show. The audience does not know how it is going to end. This wouldn’t be the same if Koenig were simply doing superb investigation on the story of someone exonerated for a crime they did not commit. Serial is ripe for debate and...

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How to Win Big at the Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is this weekend. This means several things, depending on your station in life. If you’re currently amazing, you’re at the Derby and having a blast no matter whether you’re wealthy wearing seersucker or broke wearing camo cargo shorts. If you’re currently less than amazing, you should at least salvage your weekend by getting enthused however possible for the Derby. I’ve attended the last two Derbies on Millionaire’s Row*. I know very little about how to successfully bet the Kentucky Derby. However, I do know the most scientific way to bet the Kentucky Derby is to bet based on Horse names. You find the name you like, if the odds are good, you bet whatever amount of money you want. If the odds make the horse a longshot, you bet “less”. *Probably not Millionaire’s Row, but, that sentence rolls off the tongue. As well, I got lost for a bit and c’mon, it’s not like I had a guy there with me taking notes. So, maybe. So, let’s take a look at this field. Odds taken from here. Vicar’s in Trouble (30-1) Here’s the thing. If Vicar is in trouble, I want to help him. Or, do I? Maybe I want to throw him into a lake. Or, maybe he’s already in a lake. That’s the thing about this horse name, I don’t know what kind of...

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Kindle Fire Review

You know how in Prison they hollow out bibles for space to hide their shivs? If you were to hollow out a “Tablet for Dummies” book, the Kindle Fire would be the device you would store inside of it. Look, a shiv is not the best possible weapon you’re going to find, but, when you need to take a guy out in a cafeteria line, it’ll make due. That’s the Kindle Fire in a nutshell. A good device, but, if you know your way around Tablets, or Android smartphones, will probably find it a bit limited. The first thing that I considered a roadblock was that you couldn’t change the background image on the lock screen. Which isn’t that major of a deal, but, when you’re used to changing an Android background quite often, it’s a stumble. And, on that note, not having But, for the majority of people who will buy and use the product, the Kindle Fire is going to wind up in the range of pretty damn spectacular. Because, once you’re inside the device, things work normally like an Android. The biggest feature missing from Amazon’s Kindle Fire is that when the tablet boots up, it doesn’t have the voice of the video game NBA Jam opening by saying, “He’s on Fire!” The Kindle Fire is definitely a device that Amazon is going to use to...

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