Author: Julie Maloney

Dieting – Why You Shouldn't Do It

  So many times I read about people trying cleanses or Paleo or Atkins and they’re super into it for about fifteen minutes and then the next thing you know they are pinning recipes for Oreo Pie and are elbow deep into a bag of Doritos in the closet.  Let me tell you why. IT’S NOT SUSTAINABLE. I’m going to tell you what happened to me. Bear with me, it’s a long one. After I had my son I weighed about 220 pounds.  In one year I lost one hundred of that by simply monitoring portions and working out...

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Julie Maloney – Back From Her Cyber Grave

Hey Julie.  I know this is your first column in a while so I wanted to leave you a few notes before we publish it.  I will email you to let you know I added them and we will put it on the site after revisions.  Great to have you aboard! – Acadia Some of you asked for this and most of you don’t know me outside of social media but I’m going to take a second to welcome myself onto the Superficial Gallery staff.  My primary role is social engagement but I will also be posting from time...

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