Author: Ken Sears

The Wonder Years – "Dance With Me"

This was the very first episode of The Wonder Years I ever saw, so it’s very special to me. When commercials for the series started airing, I had no interest in it. Even though Kevin Arnold was my exact age, it just seemed like something made for adults. But then my friend’s older, pretty sister told me I should watch it, and if there’s one thing I’ve always done and that’s take the advice of older, pretty girls. Kevin’s relationship with Lisa Berlini is blossoming ever since their phone call. They’re joking around together in homeroom when a school dance...

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The Wonder Years – "The Phone Call"

“The Phone Call” is my first favorite episode of The Wonder Years. Kevin starts the episode finally (“finally”) over Winnie Cooper. The main reason is that he’s discovered Lisa Berlini, and honestly, who can blame him? He describes her as “The kind of girl you dream about but would never know your name.” Here’s what I feel is going to be a recurring theme for me while rewatching the show: Since we’re looking at all the love interests through Kevin’s eyes at that age, we’re looking at 12 year old girls as desirable partners. I have been reassured that it’s ok...

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RIP Lisa Spoonauer, aka Caitlin Bree (and Why I Care So Much)

While everyone worldwide was mourning the death of Roger Moore, a smaller subset of Gen-Xers were mourning a loss just as profound for us. The name Lisa Spoonauer might not mean much to 99% of the population, but for those that knew her at Caitlin Bree, she was an important part of our growing up. Lisa Spoonauer didn’t do a whole lot after appearing in Kevin Smith’s 1994 debut Clerks. She has literally three credits on IMDb, and one of the others is Clerks: The Cartoon Series. But for those of us that have driven six hours one way to get our...

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The Wonder Years – "Swingers"

The theme of the second episode of The Wonder Years is sex. Looking back as an adult, Kevin, Paul, Winnie, and all their classmates are babies. Just little, teeny tiny children. But… I remember being 12 years old, and how preoccupied with sex I was.

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The Wonder Years – "Pilot"

The Wonder Years was the first show I was obsessed with. I know; it’s kind of a weird show to be obsessed with. Most people remember it fondly, but not as their favorite show ever. Every so often they’ll try to bring it back into syndication, which usually lasts one go round, maybe two before it goes away again. Even when I was watching it, the only other person I knew who watched every episode was my high school math teacher. It’s a show steeped in nostalgia: both for the time period it takes place in (late 60s, early...

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