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Animator Not Artist

So yes. I have done a few animations. I have done a few. Some not bad. Most not great. I think the hardest thing to do, myself, as an animator is to create my own original artwork. Why? Because I can’t draw. Yes, I am an animator, but my main issue has always been that I assumed in order to be a good animator, I had to be a fantastic artist. Well… over the years I have realized that I can’t create original drawings out of my head to save my life! I either lack the artistic skill, or (most likely) I am too lazy to practice drawing every day. Some of the best work I’ve done is when someone else has created the drawings, and all I have to do is trace them, rig them, and animate them.  As an example, the cartoon I created, “The Medium Doesn’t Matter”, was first a comic strip. Then, I found an audio file that someone created, which was meant to be played as you read the comic strip. After that, it just took me two weeks– on and off, not all the way through– to make the cartoon. I mean, I was working AND going to Grad school, and was STILL able to churn out a one and a half minute cartoon.  Another example is Attack of the Vampire Ninja Bats....

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Man Lessons: Women Who Like Sex MIGHT Not Want Sex With You

Throughout the week, I have ran into situations that involved men being stupid by making assumptions about women they barely know. Basically, it has involved seeing the interaction of horny men reacting to things women post. One situation was a woman posting a pic of their older daughter. This, as you may have imagined, resulted in the mother having to delete comments and turn off the comments of that post. Another situation i noticed was a woman who regularly posts racy stuff (jokes, racy pics, etc.) just recently had to stamp down a user who automatically assumed that since she posted racy stuff, she was, obviously, willing to sext. Again, this woman had to stamp this down. And finally, i read a depiction from a woman who post a lot of Cosplay pics–cleavagey cosplay. I really have no issue women using cleavage to make money on YouTube or wherever. To me, it’s just like athletes making money playing sports; if you can do it, more power to you. The issue i noticed was that just because a woman shows some cleavage, the male viewer automatically thinks that the girl is willing to have sex. Automatically. It’s like these men think that since someone dressed like Sexy Velma made them horny, it stands to reason that Sexy Velma MEANT to get him horny just to initiate sex. It isn’t like...

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Marvel’s Punisher: Why You Are Stupid If You Want To Be Him

So, ever since the Punisher has been introduced to media when he bitch slapped Spider Man around, he has been a rather interesting figure. In may ways, Punisher and Batman both went down KINDA similar paths. Kinda. Both had things happen to them; Of course, Bruce Wayne had a paid butler to feed him, lived in a gaddam mansion, and had a unending financial support system. Those things allowed him to train and exercise all day, make highly effective non-lethal weapons during the afternoon, and punch palookas at night. Frank Castle, on the other hand, HAD A GADDAM JOB, being a 1. Vietnam Vet, 2. FBI Agent, 3. Cop, or 4. Whatever dumbass writers thought up because they didn’t bother reading the comics. It wasn’t until his family was killed IN FRONT OF HIM, and left for dead, that he decided to become The Punisher. Well, actually– and this is important– He became the Punisher because the guys that killed his family were getting away with it.     So, if you were to really look into this, Batman and Punisher are nothing alike. Jesus, who do you think is more messed up, someone who had a trauma as a tween and had access to a millionaires health care, or an average human being who had their life savagely torn apart in front of their eyes? THEN ask yourself,...

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I Love Your Cookies….

Hello. My name is Jose Carrillo. But my friends and stalkers know me as Joey. Anyway, I had a dream last night. My dreams have always been different. They are always POV, and they always have some sorta storyline. I also have the ability to “nudge” my dreams; rewind and restart them with a different decision.  No, it isn’t like i can close my eyes and dream about anything I want. Just rewind and change things a little.  Or else I would never want to wake up. Anyway, this is how it went: I was sitting at a confederation...

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Alzheimer's, Fear Of Death, And Car Metaphors.

Disclaimer; I was in an intelligent conversation, and I THINK I understood everything, but hey; I may be wrong!! Good day. I am Jose, but my friends and family call me Joey. Well, friends, family, and this one person who heard my friend call me Joey at work. She now yells out “Morning, Joey”, every time I see her come into work. Keep it on the D/L, Hawkeye Anyway, I work at a State University as a Producer. Since I have a Masters degree in Instructional Technology, I am often involved in educational projects. This week we began working on a MOOC...

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Disney and Polynesian Demigods – (a.k.a. "Stop selling skin costumes, Disney!")

Hello. Good day. I have decided to write an article. Have I written before? Well, yes, I have. Do I write well? Ha, well, I guess it depends on who you ask. If you ask my boss, he says I “write like I talk”. If you ask my professors when I was getting my Masters Degree, I write in a “qualitative manner”. Which probably means I write like I talk. Anyway! The reason I wrote this. Last night, for some reason, I could not sleep. I was tossing around, topics and ideas passing in and out of my head. One...

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