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Shut Up and Listen…

America has an issue with listening. This surprises no one, right? You see a hot take and then you fire in with your agreement or to try your hand at dunking on the original hot take artist. This is what most of our dialogue consists of these days. What’s the damn point? I’m not old like Acadia so I won’t say, what happened to listening? But, for f***s sake, let’s try it occasionally. Two things this week… First, ESPN broadcaster Jemele Hill tweeted that Trump was a white supremacist. Conservatives freaked the hell out. Second, I see tonight that Ben Shapiro,  conservative writer and likely purveyor of a website somewhere, was giving a speech at Cal-Berkeley. And, folks on the far left are freaking the hell out. Why? On Hill, look, everyone says they’re against racism. But, then, when someone comes out and says, I feel like such and such is racist…everyone responds saying, “fu** you.” Really? I don’t think Trump is a white supremacist. He takes advantage of those with white supremacist tendencies, to be sure…wait, my opinion on that is irrelevant…because if we want people to speak about when they feel racism around us (and we should…do I actually need to explain why? Please answer no in your head) then we should listen to the point they are trying to make. To listen to their experiences and...

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Should Donald Trump Use Reality Television To Select the Vice President?

Is using reality TV a crazy idea to select the Vice President? Uh, certainly not when Donald Trump is the one running for President. In this clip from Episode 12 of the Podcast, we talk about what reality TV shows would be best for Trump to use in the selection of his Vice President. The idea is great, and, no, simply using the Celebrity Apprentice format would not work. Other Episodes of the Allegedly On The Issues Podcast are available at the bottom of this post. This week, we have an excellent lineup of topics for you on the...

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Acadia Returns to the Allegedly On The Issues Podcast – Episode 11

Acadia makes his return to the Allegedly On The Issues Podcast as normal co-host Jared departs for the high seas and a cruise to Mexico, where, allegedly, of course, he will pick up the proper opiates that our fearless leader Acadia needs. But, uh, yeah, so, we get Acadia on the record talking politics this week. His favorite things about all of these politicians that he adores, you know? [Subscribe on iTunes] [RSS] [Google Play Music] Allegedly On The Issues is back this week with guest host Acadia. It’s safe to infer from this that Jared, our conservative host, is not taking this whole “Donald Trump, presumptive nominee” thing very well. In fact, it’s somewhat painful for the guy and he needed a vacation to get away from it all. Acadia fills in admirably this week, and, well, we have a little fun at Jared’s expense during this week’s comedy segment…in which we tear apart and point out the flaws in the United States Constitution. Jared loves that thing! Yet, he’s nowhere to be seen to defend that little slice of old paper. Also covered on the show: – Should a conservative run against Trump as a Third Party Candidate? (1:48) – Will the Supreme Court look at the case of citizens video recording police officers? (5:34) – London elected a Muslim Mayor…will this have any impact on the...

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Gambling Odds for the Presidency of Donald J. Trump

This post is set to go up immediately at 6:00:01pm the night of the Indiana Primary. Which means, allow us to be the first “media” outlet to call the Indiana Primary for Donald Trump. Congratulations, President Trump. If somehow Cruz wins, we’re OK with this as our Dewey Defeats Truman, moment. However, it won’t happen. Cruz is dead on arrival. He claimed today that Trump once talked about having a venereal disease. His campaign is over. So, now, it’s on to the general election. Spoiler Alert: Donald Trump is our next President. Another spoiler? You might sit around wondering...

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Conservative Comedian Evan Sayet on Trump, Current Political Landscape, Black Lives Matter

Today on the podcast, we have the full interview with Evan Sayet. He is a conservative comedian and author of the book, KinderGarden of Eden:How The Modern Liberal Thinks. His book is available from Amazon. The interview with Sayet is in the podcast player above, previous episodes of The Allegedly On The Issues Podcast, available every Monday morning, are in the podcast player at the bottom of this post. We’re also giving away a copy or two on the podcast next week.All you need to do to enter is to review this podcast on iTunes, or on Stitcher, and...

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The United States Messes With Texas…and Andrew Jackson – AOTI – Episode 9

This week on Allegedly On The Issues, we’re talking about how every time I now remove a twenty to pay for something, I’m going to think about Andrew Jackson yelling and threatening Harriet Tubman with 20 lashes for helping money escape my wallet. This is a guy, in Jackson, who once strutted into a duel, let the other dude shoot him, and then decided that he was OK, and shot the man dead. There absolutely has to be a relative of Andrew Jackson somewhere in this country that is challenging the Federal Treasury to a duel over this. We’re...

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Allegedly On The Issues Political Podcast – Episode 8 – New York Sucks!

This week on the Allegedly On The Issues Political Podcast Doug and Jared get you caught up in time for the New York Primary. Spoiler Alert: Trump wins! It’s also time to bash New York. Their Primary finally means something, and since New Yorkers are loud, brash, and always obnoxious, they will certainly let you know how important they believe their Primary is. AOTI knocks them down a notch in this episode. The current episode is below, with the entire archive of recent episodes, including our interview with Stand Up Comedian Gerrit Elzinga. This week on Allegedly On The...

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Stand-Up Comedian Gerrit Elzinga on Comedy and Politics

This week on the Allegedly On The Issues Podcast, we had a chance to have a chat with stand-up comedian Gerrit Elzinga. Elzinga has been performing stand-up comedy for around 10 years. We spoke with Gerrit about politics, as well as discussing his comedy. What’s it like to stand in front of a crowd and get heckled by a drunk woman who decides being a loud drunk is not enough, and she makes a dash for the stage? What goes through your head at that point in time? Elzinga discusses that moment, as well as how he deals with...

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Are the GOP Presidential Candidates Funny? A Stand Up Comedian Offers a Critique

This week on the Allegedly On The Issues Podcast we got down to the heart of the matter. No one wants a boring President. Could you imagine the classic film Air Force One with Martin Van Buren as President and not Harrison Ford? Of course not. The Republican Presidential Candidates have been cracking jokes all over the campaign trail. But, that raises one important question: Are they actually funny? We brought in stand up comedian Gerrit Elzinga to take a look at this all important issue. The clip below is from Episode 7 of the Allegedly On The Issues...

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