Author: Minionated Von Dalbert

Woolly Mammoth in Chicago – a Shopping Trip

Woolly Mammoth in Chicago: On a scale of $-$$$$, everything there is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ so definitely go because it was fun to look around but you should not buy anything unless you have a sugar daddy/mama and/or are Nicolas Cage. Acadia sent me the name of the place and since I am such a good employee I went.  But did he tell me to buy something and expense it?  No he did not.  So maybe decide which thing you wish I had gotten and then we can pressure him into...

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Celebrating National Diorama Month

March was National Diorama Month and you completely missed it!  I just attended DIORAMA-RAMA,  an annual diorama competition organized by Danelle Kirschling, founder of National Diorama Month. The event space was packed by the time the competition began and nearly 30 dioramas were ever so gently put on display while the crowd milled in their single file lines around the room to ooh and ahh for their favorite one.    As someone who is genetically unfortunate in crafts, I was in awe at how far dioramas have come. And now I finally know what 3-D printers are good for!  ...

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