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Man Candy Monday – Chad Michael Murray

I had a brainfart when it came to writing up this week’s Man Candy Monday post, so I decided to use One Tree Hill as an inspiration since I’m having a marathon now that it’s on now Netflix. As you can see, I chose Chad Michael Murray. He DEFINITELY qualifies as Man Candy, if I do say so myself. Enjoy! (I prefer his scruffier look. It’s sexy!) [Show slideshow]...

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Bikini Sunday – Kendra Wilkinson

Things have been crazy busy in my life lately. More often than not I almost forget to write up my Bikini Sunday and Man Candy Monday posts until it’s super late. Tonight I remembered a bit earlier than normal…and for that I’m happy. That means I can get to bed at decent time. Hopefully. For this week’s Bikini Sunday post, I chose former Girls Next Door cast member and ex-girlfriend of Hugh Hefner, Kendra Wilkinson. I’ve included photos of Kendra when she was pregnant with her son Hank because I think it’s awesome when a pregnant woman feels beautiful and sexy and isn’t afraid to show her body off even when her belly is swollen with child. I’ve even included a couple of her with Little Hank after she gave birth. It can be hard to feel sexy after having kids so all the more power to her for feeling confident in her own skin. Enjoy! [Show...

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Man Candy Monday – Mark Salling

I don’t know why I haven’t chosen this piece of eye candy before. Glee’s Mark Salling, aka Puck, is quite the cutie. He has amazing eyes, amazing abs and a beautiful smile. Plus, I can’t help but fawn over him in glasses. I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds him attractive, so if there are any of you who find him as gorgeous as I do, you have my permission to drool….RIGHT NOW! Go ahead. You know you want to. [Show slideshow]...

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Bikini Sunday – Carmen Electra

I really had no clue who to use for this week’s Bikini Sunday. My best friend suggested Nessa DeVil, but I could only find three photos of her in a bikini. And she was topless in the rest. After looking at all of her photos, I wanted to buy her 15 McDonald’s cheeseburgers because girlfriend is way too skinny. So yeah, she was quickly scratched off the list. But I digress. After conducting an indepth search of female celebrities in bikinis, I settled on Carmen Electra. She’s got big boobs. She’s built well. And she can sport a bikini like no other, so I figured she was a good choice for this week. What do you guys think? [gallery_bank type=”images” format=”thumbnail” title=”false” desc=”false” responsive=”true” special_effect=”none” animation_effect=”fadeIn” album_title=”true”...

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Man Candy Monday – Ryan Gosling

This week’s Man Candy Monday selection comes courtesy of one of our followers. She requested Ryan Gosling, so I, of course, went in search of some sexy pics of the hunky actor. And I found some. I was also tempted to include pics from his MMC days, but I figured that would be a bit creepy. (And yes, I do remember those days fondly. I was at the right age to watch every episode. And yes, I had a mad crush on Ryan, along with Justin and Tony Lucca. Damn! I’m showing my age.) [Show...

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Bikini Sunday – Lauren Conrad

I know Lauren Conrad doesn’t have the huge boobs that Heidi Montag sports. And she’s not Audrina Patridge. But I still think she’s got a pretty bangin’ bod. And she’s cute, so I’m using my prerogative this week and using her as this week’s Bikini Sunday chick. Enjoy! [Show...

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Man Candy Monday – Robert Buckley

I almost forgot AGAIN to do my Man Candy Monday post. If Acadia hadn’t pinged me to remind me, I’d have would have gone to bed and not done it until tomorrow morning. Since my brain had already shutdown by the time he mentioned it, I had to dive into my fallback file and find a suitable pick for this week’s. I settled on hunky One Tree Hill star Robert Buckley. Now if I hadn’t been lazy, I could have done a whole “Men of One Tree Hill” post, but I am lazy…and tired…so you’ll just have to deal with Mr. Buckley in all of shirtless glory. [Show...

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Bikini Sunday – Kelly Brook

This evening I told Acadia that I had no idea who to feature this week. Yeah, I know. That’s nothing new. He thought about it for a moment and mentioned English model and actress Kelly Brook because you rarely see her with clothes. And he’s right. I could have easily pulled up 50 different pictures of her in bikinis and then some, but I have other things to do tonight, so you’ll have to settle for the 24 or so that I uploaded for you. Enjoy! [Show slideshow]...

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Man Candy Monday – Battlestar Galactica Edition

This week’s Man Candy Monday post is EXTRA special. I’ve been wanting to feature the guys of Battlestar Galactica for awhile now. I had planned on featuring each guy separately at some point, but then said screw it, I’ll feature them at the same time and overload the post with BSG hotness. After gathering up photos of English hunk Jamie Bamber, oh so sexy Tahmoh Penikett, gorgeous Michael Trucco and Beans’ favorite Callum Keith Rennie, I’ve decided I’m due for another BSG marathon on Netflix. Anyone care to join me? [Show slideshow]...

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Bikini Sunday – Amanda Harrington

I flaked on Bikini Sunday again this week. I was gone all day, running errands. Then i visited my parents for a bit before playing a rousing game of electronic Monopoly. (I kicked ass!) This week I chose UK model Amanda Harrington for Bikini Sunday. I figured she was a good choice since Acadia loves boobs and her’s are pretty much falling out of her top. Enjoy! [Show...

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