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Bikini Sunday – Amy Willerton

Amy Willerton is a 21 year old pageant queen hailing from the UK.  She was discovered while out shopping with her sister at the tender age of fifteen, was signed to a modeling agency, and began her pageant career shortly afterwards.  You can laugh all you want at the idea of a pageant “career” but this young lady is a winner through and through.  Ms. Willerton won the title of Miss Bristol in 2010,  Miss Bath in 2011, Miss London in 2012, then placed in the top five at the Miss England contest in 2012.  She’s like the Sea Biscuit of beauty queens, even defying the odds to be the first UK contestant to place in the top ten at the Miss Universe pageant since 1983.  I probably totally missed the boat with that Sea Biscuit reference (I haven’t even seen the movie!) but I really wanted to compare a pageant queen to a thoroughbred horse.  One more thing off my bucket list, facts be damned!  More recently she seems to have found her niche appearing on various reality TV shows, dating pseudo celebrities, and most importantly wearing lots of bikinis.  Which of course, brings her full circle as a Bikini Sunday girl.  Congratulations, Amy Willerton!  And you’re welcome.  As always, I’m just here to help. [gallery_bank type=”images” format=”thumbnail” title=”true” desc=”false” responsive=”true” animation_effect=”bounce” album_title=”true” album_id=”6″]...

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Bikini Sunday – Avril Lavigne

It’s that time of year that we all love, when the weather gets warmer and the ladies start wearing less clothing.  It’s great for someone like me that has a job posting pictures of celebrities in bikinis.  The winter bikini drought is over!  Well, actually, to be honest, I hate the warm weather and wish it would rain year round.  But we’ve already established I’m a terrible person.  Besides, this isn’t about me.  It’s actually about pop singer Avril Lavigne.  Avril is best known for making horrible music years ago and marrying that douchebag guy from Sum 41 before fading into obscurity.  But who knew that she looked pretty amazing in a bathing suit?  I sure didn’t.  But now I do, as do all of you.  You’re welcome again!  Have a good week and enjoy the stupid sun.  I’ll be inside, creeping from my computer by the cool breeze of my air...

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Bikini Sunday – Mother's Day Edition

After last year’s Mother’s Day debacle which resulted in Acadia almost firing me, I had to do something good here or risk once again incurring his wrath.  Since our tastes in women vary so much (he likes Courtney Stodden and Hayden Panettiere , I like Kate Upton and chicks in Storm Trooper helmets) I figured a maternal clip show was the way to go.  That way there’s something for everyone.  We all like a hot mom, right?  Plus I once again fell into the trap of thinking a clip show would be easier than just choosing a celebrity and rolling with it.  Spoiler: it isn’t.  So without further ado I present to you what will hopefully prove to be my redemption…  moms in bikinis.  I think I hit this one out of the ballpark. I did, right?  Acadia?  Anyone?  I need validation and praise!  I’ll just be over here waiting.    ...

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Bikini Sunday – May the Fourth Edition

Today is kind of a nerdy day on the internet.  Actually, I suppose I should say an especially nerdy day.  And since I geek out on Star Wars as much or more than the next guy, I figured I’d jump on the bandwagon.  Rather than spam you with a hundred incarnations of that “slave Leia” costume (not that there’s anything wrong with that), I scoured the deep corners of the internet to bring you all manner of Star Wars themed bikini girls!  Kick back, relax, and browse the gallery as you marathon through the only three episodes that count.  You know which ones those are.  Yeah, I went there.  Deal with it.  And until next week, may the fourth be with...

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Bikini Sunday – V. Stiviano

V. Stiviano, real name Vanessa Perez, is the beautiful Latina at the center of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s most recent scandal.  I say “most recent” because it seems he’s no more a stranger to scandal than she is to dating rich married men.  At one point she was actually sued by the now estranged Mrs. Sterling for hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash, cars, and land that were community property belonging to the Sterlings.  Donald Sterling has also been involved in a ton of litigation involving discrimination against minorities.  Between all the money hes spent on...

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Bikini Sunday – Easter Edition

Here at the gallery we don’t get holidays off. Our retirement plan is pretty sketchy, too. But today I’m glad to be working because it gives me an excuse to post this. And with a picture like this who needs content? So I get a day off and you all get a busty chick wearing bunny ears and a bikini top. Also, ham. Everybody wins! Happy Easter, all. Enjoy your...

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Bikini Sunday – Kim Kardashian

When I first started my gig here at the Gallery I swore to myself I would never feature Kim Kardashian for Bikini Sunday. Then, after a couple marriages, a divorce, a baby, and a Vogue cover… I still wasn’t budging. Nope, nope, nope, not going to happen. I stuck to my guns. But after her last trip to Thailand I finally caved. It’s hard to ignore a backend like that. It’s got its own zip code, government, gravitational pull, etc. It’s a force of nature and can’t be ignored. I’d vote for it for president even. So I present to you, in all its glory, the symbol of me completely giving up. Here it is, Kim Kardashian’s ass. The shame! I’m sorry, Acadia. [portfolio_slideshow] [ed: click above to check out our new slideshow feature!] More Kim Kardashian on Superficial Gallery: – The Miracle of Life: Kim Kardashian Edition – Kanye’s Fine with It. Really. – Kim Kardashian in the Superficial Gallery Celebrity...

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Bikini Sunday – Caitlin Rice

Meet Caitlin Rice, 22 year old fitness model from Canada.  Ms. Rice is armed with two essential items for an aspiring model: a fantastic backside and an Instagram account.  She’s certainly attracting a lot of attention as a result of both.   Besides bikinis, she’s known to model lingerie and workout gear, including yoga pants (Mmmmm…yoga pants).  After a glance through her Instagram page, I’m legitimately starting to think we should hire someone to write “Yoga Pants Tuesdays.”  They really are a phenomenal item of clothing.  I included some photos in case of any skepticism you might have.  So,...

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Bikini Sunday – Green Bikinis Because Why Not?

  As a respected journalist I make sure to track down the big stories, cut through the fluff, and get straight to the heart of the matter.  I address important issues and leave no stone unturned in my quest for the truth! Well, actually, the exact opposite of all that. So this week I present to you girls in green bikins.  Some are famous, some of them are civilians, but they’re all wearing my favorite color.  And bikinis.  And that’s good enough for...

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Bikini Sunday – Animated Gif(t) Edition

Today I’m on the road so I’m phoning one in and giving you all an assortment of animated bikini gif(t)s! I’m also including this random dude in uniform because it was one of my search results and it made me LOL. I hope you enjoy them as much as that guy seems to.  Carry on, and until next week, stay superficial, my...

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