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Westworld Episode 3, The Stray

Westworld seems tailor made for the frat bros who revel in the nudity and misogynistic violence of so many other HBO shows. The original movie was definitely a fevered adolescent fantasy of getting to play an adult version of Cowboys and Indians complete with robot hookers. Then it went wrong in the same way kids in a horror movie always get punished for having a good time without their clothes on. I can envision the pitch meeting with the HBO executive in charge of recruiting teenage Australian adult film stars to fill the naked chick quota on Game of Thrones: “Yah...

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Maine the way it should be.

Lately Maine has been the laughingstock of the nation. Our governor just says whatever he wants into open mikes and his head is full of things that make an editor want to wake up in the morning. We also have Stephen King who has made everyone from away think that the state is full of vampires, clowns, giant rabid dogs and other horrible things that make for pretty good reading but you don’t really want living next door to you. (None of my neighbors have ever displayed any kind of vampire tendencies but we keep a good eye out...

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Westworld More of the old Ultra-Violence

In case you’ve been under a cultural rock Westworld is a theme park. The aniamatrons aren’t bolted to stands but sophisticated lifelike robots. Guests pay a fortune to indulge themselves in any fantasy within the Role Play scenario currently being played. Only three’s a rancher’s daughter that’s fallen in love with a gunslinger her maker might not approve. Micheal Chrichton brought us Westworld in 1973. It was his directorial debut. This is the creative genius that will go on to be the only one ever to simultaneously chart at Number ONE in US television (ER), film (Jurrasic Park) and...

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Help! My vibrator has been hacked.

There is now an app for everything. A woman is suing a sex toy firm for tracking her… intimate moments. A girl walks into a bar, and goes up to the bartender and complains about ex-boyfriend and how she will never get laid again. The bartender looks at her and reaches under the counter and pulls out a purple dildo. He tells her that the dildo is a Magic Dildo. “This is a magic purple dildo you just say the words ‘Magic Purple Dildo’ and where you want it to go”. She listens to him and is intrigued. Two...

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Supermom breast feeds during marathon

I’ve been watching Supergirl on Netflix. It’s kind of like that old thing they said about Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers: “Sure he was great, but don’t forget that Ginger Rogers did everything he did … backwards and in high heels. Guys and gals in blue tights with super powers are one thing. The writer will always find a way to save the day even if the evil comic book overlords have it in for the hero. What gets me is the real people who do amazing things especially those who do them … backward and in high heels....

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There are glowing blue waves waiting for you at Virginia Beach

The Virginia General Assembly ended it’s 2016 legislative session by approving SB 701. It’s a cannabis oil bill which means despite thousands of people seeing glowing blue waves at Virginia Beach they’re not actually selling marijuana candy down there (bioluminescence not drugs you lowlifes!) The interesting thing is that Governor Terry McAuliffe didn’t veto the bill. Now we know why! Over the weekend old Terry paid a visit to Willie Nelson at Farm Aid. Being a politician of course there had to be pictures. Twitter, now the most reliable news source in the increasingly corporate branded media, instantly noticed...

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Homeland Security: What is the Jack Bauer Syndrome?

Fifteen years ago on September 10th the FBI declared at a congressional briefing that the most imminent domestic terrorism threat was from animal-rights activists. That day there were just 12 people on the FAA watch list. Airlines were resentful being made responsible for airport-security so they cut corners and paid the lowest wages possible to private screeners who got little or no training. Federal Air Marshals had been reduced to 33 for more than 20,000 flights leaving 440 airports. Then…HORROR. The actual number is classified but there are over 5,000 Air Marshals on planes today. American ports screen cargo...

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Who doesn’t like tacos? Probably some anorexic nutritionist that eats one peeled grape a day thinks tacos are evil. I mean even Taco Bell which is about as far from authentic Mexican food as a Trump taco bowl is on the high end of the fast food ecstasy scale. Then you find some run down food truck and they’ve got real tacos. The kind Mexicans eat and you find yourself with too many tacos. I’m kidding of course. You could never find yourself with too many tacos. Well unless you’re Donald Trump that is. (The man is a barbarian....

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How many Superheroes will we see in 2017?

If You’re a movie fan the summer of 2016 has just sucked. Warcraft and Independence Day: Resurgence started off by circling the drain then Hollywood dumped more truckloads of garbage on us. I’m starting to get OCD about movies with colons in the title. All I’m seeing is Bad Sequel: Not worth the price of popcorn. I didn’t even make it to the theater for Alice Through the Looking Glass and I’m a big fan of both Tim Burton and Lewis Carroll. If it wasn’t for that sweet spot of superhero movies the whole season would have been a...

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Google is a Peeping Tom

  Google has been saving information on you ever since you first typed a question under the big Google Doodle.  A new tool called My Activity makes it easier than ever to delete the searches you’d rather forget. Like that time you typed in: “Do ginger people have ginger pubes?” for the … Auto-Complete game (Hey we’re a family site we have your back) The search giant makes the vast majority of its money from distributing targeted ads, which is made easier by the trove of data  – Chicago Tribune So say you did a search for: “Why does my...

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