Author: Sparks

Playing Fiddle While Earth Burns

What’s hotter than your mom in daisy dukes? The Earth, that’s what. Thanks to the reversal of EPA regulations meant to combat climate change, we’re all about to get a lot hotter.

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The Slave, the Emperor, and the Stoic

A Stoic is Born Two thousand years ago, a man was born. He was born of low stature but his words and deeds would endure and even, today, he is spoken of with reverence and awe.   I’m not talking about Jesus. I’m talking about Epictetus – the famous Stoic philosopher.   Epictetus was born a slave in Athens. He was the property of his master, who could do with him as he saw fit. Indeed, at some point in his life Epictetus became a cripple, and there is some evidence that his master broke his legs.   At the same...

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