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Auto Tune the News 8- T-Pain Sold Out!

That's a Rectangle!

That's a Rectangle!

Not sure how I feel about this one.  The girl is in it.  The junkie Senator is in it.  Katie Couric is in it a little.  But I think the whole thing is leaving me a little flatter than usual.  Of course, the only artistic thing I did today was make that picture up there.  Well, I mean, I turned it into a rectangle.  Bet you couldn’t do that.


Anyway – I want this to sink in and get your true opinions.  I think they are too self referential.  They better get their asses back to what they were good at.  Gettin’ Blessed by Joe Biden from Space!

Ahh, fuck it.  The 5th one was the best.  Here it is again.  Ana Marie Cox <3

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