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Auto Tune the News – Katie Couric is Ripped

Suck on these, Brian Williams.

Suck on these, Brian Williams.

I am not sure how many times the Auto Tune the News guys are gonna be able to go back to the well, but for now they still have my attention.  I want Joe Biden to yell things from space, and I applaud Katie Couric bringing home the boogie.  Also – I am smoking some lettuce right now and it is niiice.

So take a look at the latest version.  I am pretty proud that I posted a video before it has a million views on YouTube.  I am pretty timely!

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  1. vettech

    This one is even more funny than the one with the gorilla!!! Lettuce anyone?

  2. Joelle

    lol, autotune.

    and wtf did I just watch?

  3. ian


    You watched an example of American Exceptionalism.

  4. csteak

    OMG!! that was the best..still crying!

  5. Daniel

    It is just…. soooo goood. They are soo brilliant and hilarious. I can’t get enough.


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