Avengers Who?

Acadia Einstein

I need to go see Age of Ultron.  I like super hero movies.  But I have never liked Marvel as much as DC and seeing these pics from the filming of Suicide Squad in Toronto I am reminded that the main difference I think about between DC and Marvel is that Marvel can film comic books, but Warner Brothers is better at making movies with comic book characters in them.  I know each has had their clunkers, but there are a few things that matter (at least to me).

  1. It’s ridiculous that the X-Men who LIVE IN WESTCHESTER didn’t take the Metro North into the city to help the Avengers fight.  Get your licensing straightened out!
  2. Even without the Sony Properties, Marvel Pictures is a whole studio that doesn’t do anything but make Marvel movies.  That’s all they do.  Warner Brothers has to make movies about ladies and feelings and whatnot.  If there was a DC Studios, then they could just think about awesome ways to RETELL STORIES FROM THE COMICS LIKE MARVEL DOES.
  3. I find it incredibly hard to have any sympathy for Marvel Heroes except for Natasha and Captain America.  But you can feel badly for Superman in his movies even though he’s a god.  Nobody ever wrote a song about Iron Man.  Well, Black Sabbath did but I don’t think it was the same Iron Man.

Long story short:  Harley’s bat says “Good Night” on it.  That is bad ass.

And for every person who rolls their eyes and wonders why Batman would be wary of Superman.  I give you the Five for Fighting Song, specifically this line:

Up up and away, away from me.  But it’s all right.

You can all sleep sound tonight.  I’m not crazy.

Or anything.

And, in the interest of equal time, here is Black Sabbath’s Iron Man because for some reason they have Paul Schaeffer in the mural behind them…

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  1. Joseph Bowley
    May 12, 2015 at 10:37 am

    But Tony Stark wears an Iron Man t-shirt when he’s not got the suit on. You forgo the Stan Lee cameos too. I only go to see if the Stan Lee robot has been oiled recently.

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