In Ferguson the cops are all set to protect and serve the shit out of you. It’s pretty clear to me that when a corner of the United States starts looking like eastern Ukraine something is wrong. What then is the right-wing talking about while the police in Missouri hide their version of Russian Humanitarian tanks?

Joe Piscopo has left the democratic party.


Joe Piscopo is a disillusioned democrat. He’s got a lot of reasons to be disillusioned and explained his decision in a Washington Times op-ed piece. I’m disillusioned too and you’re reading about it but Joe seems to have a wider audience. The news of Joe’s decision exploded on right-wing media outlets from Fox News to Breitbart. It’s almost as if the right-wing is so desperate to find a conservative comedian they’re willing to promote a guy who last got a laugh in the eighties.

Maybe it’s a Saturday Night Live that’s at fault. There’s a long list of SNL veterans that have gone right-wing: Victoria Jackson, Dennis Miller, Norm MacDonald, Colin Quinn, Jim Downey, Rob Schneider, Adam Sandler. About the only one who’s career hasn’t tanked after coming out as right-wing is Adam Sandler, he just keeps on churning out depressingly unfunny movies.  When Eddie Murphy starts endorsing Republican candidates I’m going to start thinking Lorne Michaels is an alien bent on draining comedians of their sense of humor to power his starship.

This could be Lorne Micheals

This could be Lorne Micheals

Rob Schneider is another SNL guy who jumped ship from the Democrats in the pages of the Unification Church owned Washington Times. “Let’s be honest: democracies don’t end well,” Schneider said on The Chris Stigall Show. “We’re sliding very fast toward fascism.” Reverend Sun Myung Moon couldn’t have said it better himself, Rob.

Schneider credits his political standup routine to the influence of Will Rogers; ‘The type of guy who tried to crap on both sides.” He’s got it wrong. Will Rogers had a knack for being able to move through all the social classes in America without crapping on them. . Americans recognized the sense of fair play that held Will above the partisan  bickering. “Everyone is ignorant, only on different subjects.” was something the humorist-philosopher was fond of telling self righteous blowhards pointing fingers of blame about the depression.

Common sense and a sense of humor are the same thing, moving at different speeds. A sense of humor is just common sense, dancing. – William James

It would be hard to brand Will Rogers a Hollywood liberal. He believed in hard work and a lot of it but at the same time he was outraged that Washington was allowing Americans to go hungry. Bacon, Beans, and Limousines is the name of Will Rogers famous speech from 1932. It was the summer Will Rogers addressed both the Republican and Democratic conventions. It’s frightening that eighty years later nobody has stepped up that can talk to both parties about our own bacon, beans and limousines. It’s sure not old Joe Piscopo.