So apparently middle-aged, bald, Japanese guys needed to bond so they started a club and had a little bald guy olympics.  The event, which is held every year, features dudes putting suction cups on their shiny melons and having a little tug of war.  According to one happy participant, 64 year old Masatomo Sasaki:

“I feel proud. Or maybe I should say, I feel good about being a bald man,” Sasaki said, adding that he started losing his hair when he was 40. “And that is thanks to this bald men’s club.”

What’s the harm in having 65 bald guys have a bald guys’ party?  It’s been going since 1989 so if it is actually going to cause the End of Days like I said in the headline they are taking their time about it.  Here is the harm:

The whole thing where you need other people like you around to make you feel good about yourself is terrible and should be stamped out.  When you are a kid and you don’t fit in it is a problem.  When you are an adult and you don’t fit in it just means you are an adult. 

This whole thing where people need to get together to tell each other they are great because there are other people like them is how we get extremists on all sides.  And while the Japanese bald guys started doing things the hard way back when the only way you could organize was with photocopied flyers, now, with the Internet, we are now nothing more than a big Venn diagram with nothing in the middle but “on Earth”.

There are people who are genuinely marginalized and should not be.  But there are even more people who are marginalized and SHOULD be.  I’m not talking about people who like old cars or drones or Star Wars.  I am talking about people who feel like their message is given legitimacy because there are other people around them saying it.  It’s a logical fallacy called “appeal to majority” and our culture and politics have been taken over by it.

Remember the phrase: “What’s wrong is wrong even if everybody does it?”  That is not a thing anymore.  We have spent so much time “banding together” against…whoever, that we lost the fact that every crazy person does not need a mob behind him or her.  And even if there are 1000 people who agree with the crazy person, the person is not less crazy.  They best example of this is ALL RELIGIONS but here are some other winners:

  • Atheists
  • Vegans
  • PETA
  • Sovereign Citizens
  • Pro Life Activists
  • People who like The Bachelor

I am not saying that we should put people in jail or take away the right to assemble.  I am just saying that we should stop measuring what is right and wrong based on popularity.  We can only judge popularity by measuring popularity.  And if our ideas are not popular, or if we are bald Japanese dudes, we should be able to suck it up and soldier on through life without having a special club to tell us how great we are.

I will be revisiting this thesis (that bonding together as smaller groups will ruin the planet) over the coming months because we can see it happening in front of us in a ton of ways.  So get ready.  I will be back to try to destroy The Bachelor.