Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been fascinated by Irish Mythology, so when I heard Josh Gates and Team Truth would be investigating banshees in Ireland during a live episode to air on March 17th, I was over the moon excited. (For an idea on what a banshee is, check out the clip below or the pic above of  Alyssa Milano in Charmed.)

The Ghost Hunters Live episodes are always a huge event, so there’s no doubt in my mind that this live investigation, the first ever for DT, will be huge, as well.  That many hours of Josh Gates comedy will be nothing short of fantastic.

Since this is a huge show for DT, Amanda, whom I’ve mentioned before, hosted a live event with Josh, Ryder and Brad Kuhlman last Thursday evening. Fans of the show were encouraged to contact her with questions they’d like to ask Josh, Ryder and Brad on air. Amanda even asked me if I would like to take part after I inquired about interviewing her. (You can find my entire interview with her at my site.) I, of course, said yes, and then proceeded to have a panic attack, or two, or three.

Yes, I know Josh is a normal person but come on, it’s Josh friggin Gates. Of course, I’m going to worry about sounding like a complete Maine hick. Plus, there was a part of me that thought “Shit, what if he reads what I wrote at SG? He’s going to think I’m off my rocker.” (For those not down with the Maine lingo, “off my rocker” essentially means crazy.)

Unfortunately, by the time it was my turn to talk to him, there was only ten or fifteen minutes left to the show, and I knew there were other people still waiting to ask their questions. I not only had a question to ask, but a request, as well. My 9-year-old daughter is a HUGE Destination Truth/Josh Gates fun, so I thought it would be a great experience for her if she were able to talk to him. How big, you ask? Well, she thinks the two funniest men on Earth are my dad and Josh, so that tells you how much she likes him and the show.

So when it was finally my turn, I decided to skip my question and just have him say hi to Mikala, which he did. He was incredibly gracious and sweet, and as I mentioned in a blog post on my site, he gave her a memory that she will never forgot. And neither will I…

I do have to admit, though, that I’m bummed I didn’t get to ask him my question. It’s no secret that I’d LOVE the chance to talk one-on-one with him. Not only am I fan, but I truly admire what he does. So who knows, maybe one day I’ll get that chance. (To listen to the entire live interview, click here. I come on at about minute 51. Unfortunately, it got a bit staticky when I mentioned of SG. Sorry Acadia and Vange! I tried.)

I do have to point, though, that Josh doesn’t need to travel to Ireland to find a true blue banshee. He just needs to travel here to Maine and come to my house before six in the morning. That’s right. I’m finally coming clean. I’M A BANSHEE.

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, here are some Josh Gates pics for those that can’t get enough of his mug. Enjoy!

And don’t forget to watch the live investigation this Thursday. Banshees beware, Josh is coming for you!