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Barbarann Garrard Update: She's in a Magazine. We are not.

This gets bigger if you click it.

This gets bigger if you click it.

When we last left our official fancy cake maker Barbarann Garrard she had just completed an interview with us and probably printed it and hung it on her fridge.  At least that’s what I tell people.  But she has turned the tables now and is interviewing people herself as part of her job as the music editor for Scream Sirens Magazine.

She interviewed the Butcher Babies, does some reviews and handles the entire section of the magazine herself.  Had I known she could write I would have offered her a job here.  We don’t even have a music section so she could have been vice-president of music.  No money, of course, but I do have some stickers and several coupons for Boston Market and CVS.

What I don’t have is a way to get some of her kick-ass cakes into the site somehow.  Check out the one after the jump.  It is outstanding.

Soul Eater Cake - based on the anime cartoon by Barbarann Garrard

Soul Eater Cake – based on the anime cartoon by Barbarann Garrard

I wish we had a cake.  Perhaps next year at the Mad Monster Party (which is also the official Gallery Sales Meeting) we should have a cake from Barbarann’s joint Cake Rhapsody.  Hell, maybe we should have a booth and let Barbarann come out and mooch off of it.  If we had a booth it would probably be a good idea to have something to sell.  I don’t think those stickers will still be around.

So, to recap, we remain your number one source for Barbarann Garrard news (unless you count her Facebook page which fine, whatever) and she is now a writer AND a model AND a cake maker.  So since she adds a talent each time we talk to her, maybe we should guess what the next one will be.  I think it’s a choice between race car driver and lumberjack.  Let’s start betting, folks!

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  1. Don Quikaung

    A writer AND a model AND a cake maker? I’m guessing next she will be a master assassin. Traveling the world pretending to be all those other things, getting all the really good interviews and then BAM the prime minister is dead. She won’t be blamed, of course. That is why she will be a master.

  2. hoodchick

    I’m gonna go with Ninja. Of course, if I’m right we’ll never know it. And her photo shoot today – so hot!

  3. The Earl of Fuse

    That cake looks suspiciously like Uncle Greville, who disappeared in a flour and marzipan explosion after witnessing a UFO over Edinburgh, Scotland. If it IS Uncle Greville, tell him I want my X-Ray Teeth back.

  4. Dydan Waters

    Awesome photo shoot! I think she’d make an awesome race car driver! And just think, you could be one of her sponsors and get your name plastered on her awesome Cake Car!

    • Don Quikaung

      Acadia was -complaining- saying the other day that he was thinking about advertising.

  5. Eva Halloween

    “This gets bigger if you click it.”

    And by “this” you mean…the picture?


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