The recent Batman movies have put him in the spotlight more than usual and The Dark Knight straddles the line between “popular cool” and “empirically cool”.  And the products DC is happy to stamp his logo on reflect that.  Actually, I am not sure how that works.  Seems like the good old black and yellow (or just black, or black on gray or any iteration) pops up on all sorts of things.  And they change the look of the bat itself so much I guess it is tough to trademark.

But some of the stuff in the gallery below HAS to be licensed.  And to be honest I am not sure which things I prefer.  Depending on the item, the official look either makes it or ruins it.  Sometimes home made is best.  Judge for yourself.  I also helpfully pointed out the things I want/need so you can get them for me.  Especially the Bat Pool.  Summer is just around the corner!

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