I’m supposed to determine the Comment of the Week by Saturday and I usually get it done in the nick of time.  This Saturday, however, I had no cell phone reception and no internet service — I was all back to nature-y.  The picture is exactly where I was and it was gorgeous and smelled so good and blah blah.  You pay the price of beauty by having no contact with the outside world.  But talking on a cell phone while kayaking is stupid anyway, so it all works out.  At any rate, the comment of the week award goes to Mike A of Digiasms for sounding more like Nick Burns than I have ever heard anyone before.  Well done!

You seriously need to find some local tech friends. They could be so useful at a time like this. For spare parts, specifically. I have several of the cables you needed and would have gladly spared you hours of misery, lol. Not to mention the waiting a year thing. Non-techies working on their own computers…it’s almost enough to make me cry. If I wasn’t laughing my butt off, that is.