Not sure how these decisions get made, but Facebook wants naked pics of you.  According to documents leaked last year, there are apparently about 54,000 cases of revenge porn pics being posted to Facebook every month.  Holy crap that’s a lot.  So their plan is to have people upload nudes of them selves so that they can…somehow science things so that the pics don’t get shared?  That is seriously their plan.

So on the SURFACE it makes a ton of sense.  Person let’s their SO take pics of their butthole, and this algorithm will prevent that butthole from being posted on Facebook later.  As long as you have submitted a well lit pic of your starfish ahead of time.

It will also have to identify dongs in various states of readiness and the approximately 10,000 different looks a boob can throw based on activity, gravity and…you get the point.  Seems like if Facebook can spot a guy’s wing wang or some gal’s vagoo and IDENTIFY it, they might want to back up a step and just not allow posting of nudity?  Maybe?

Last I checked, Facebook was the place for old people to post old memes that younger, cooler people have abandoned.  Revenge porn is serious and I honestly have no idea how to fight it (yet) but I know Facebook doesn’t seem like the logical battlefield.  Maybe Twitter or Tumblr?

If you want to make someone feel bad on Facebook, I think it makes way more sense to make an allegation that someone can only refute by revealing things they don’t want to reveal.  Why go to jail for saying some dude has a small knob when you can just say it and know the guy won’t do anything but say:   nu uh!

Likewise, don’t post pics of your ex that she took with you in confidence.  Say she had really bad….odor.  It is just as mean, but not nearly as litigious!

And do not listen to some nerd telling you to send them nudes for your own safety.  Take it from me: it’s a trick!

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