I’ve always said I wanted to be Karen Walker when I grow up (and I still do!) but when I am REALLY grown up, I want to be Betty White.  She kicks so much ass and is so effin funny while still being an absolute lady.  I’d never even thought about her hosting SNL and I don’t know why; she could have held the record for times hosting if she had gotten on the ball some 35 years ago.  She could have shoved that right in Alec Baldwin’s ridiculously manly face.  Sigh.

But all is not lost.  There is an online petition to get Betty White to host SNL via Facebook, I guess.  As much as I loathe FB, I joined/friended/added/whatever it is called that account and I urge you to do the same.  We will tackle the whole “Betty White to guest star on 30 Rock” after she hosts SNL.  I am salivating thinking about the dialogue Tina Fey would write for Tracey Morgan and Betty White.  Holy crap.

If you haven’t seen the Super Bowl Snickers commercial yet, shove that rock off and view it below.