56th GRAMMY Awards - Show
So I flew back from California on the Red Eye over Saturday night and didn’t do anything last night but sleep, wake up long enough to watch the finale of Sleepy Hollow and eact some short ribs so I missed the Grammys.  Wait, that implies I would have watched them.  I wouldn’t have.  Ever.  Unless KISS, Jethro Tull, Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato were the only people on it (and they fought instead of sang) I would not watch them.

But I do watch Morning Joe in the morning to make myself mad and sometimes be amused.  Today was a mad day.  Here are the hosts of the show.  Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski posing for Vanity Fair:

So Mika is a reporter.  Or at least she was.  She is now a host or news reader or whatever.  And Scarborough is an ex-politician and hosts the show.  I like the show because sometimes they actually have smart conversations.  But most of the time it is them hitting talking points and never really challenging each other (or the guests).

But they need to shut up about popular culture.  They really do.

They spent a big chunk of their A block this morning talking about Beyonce.  And how her performance was too dirty.  And after the Miley Cyrus MTV thing, it was just too much.  Here are a few things I heard while I was getting more and more mad:

She is so talented.  She doesn’t need to do that. — Mika

It was pretty much porn. — Mika

“Someone should be able to watch a show like that with their kids.” — Joe

So then they did a little self examination and decided that they WERE NOT being old crappers.  They were right.  And then I had a mini-stroke.  Because yes, Mika and Joe, you ARE old crappers.  TV does not OWE you entertainment for your stupid kids.  At all.  If it is on at night it isn’t for kids.  And if your kids can’t handle someone shaking their ass then explain to them what ass shaking means.

Don’t get me wrong.  I know how embarrassing it is when I had to watch something dirty with my mother in the room.  It was awful.  So I do feel bad for the kids.  But the parents should STFU.  I have a friend who has four kids and they range in ages from a toddler to high school.  He sometimes complains that he can’t find anything for ALL of them to watch but how the hell could he?  It’s maddening.

I am actually interested in you guys’ thoughts on this.  Some of you have kids I assume.  What should be on TV?  I think as soon as they invented Nickelodeon the need for having kid stuff on the regular channels went away.  Judge the performance for yourself and let me know if it does anything to upset you.