Wednesday night is the night that is only useful if a person you like was nominated or their friend was nominated.  See, for those of you who don’t know, the game goes like this!

  • The Head Of Household nominates two people on Sunday.  Only nominees can be evicted.
  • On Wednesday, they play for veto.  The HOH, the two nominees and three random jerks picked out of a bag play a game.
  • Whoever wins the game can Veto one of the nominations (and are themselves immune).
  • If someone is taken ‘off the block’ then the HOH has to replace that person with someone else.

But screw that – let’s play Tic Tac Toe on my banner pic.  Tell me who you think will be the first three in a row (even diagonally) to get evicted.  Or some combination of something.  You can use Vange’s boobs and Julie Chen as WILD CARDS!  After the jump – some highlights and some special commentary from JW!

So the whole thing pretty much consisted of Monet and Baby Blonde crying and calling EEEEHAW a hooker.  Then they would say that they didn’t understand why they were nominated. Then they would blubber some more.  So then they did the veto and Baby Blonde won.  So then the BIG PLAN was enacted by Monet and Baby Blonde.  But first – the Blockquote from JW!

I haven’t seen every show from this season, but thanks to the recaps here I know everything I need to know.

Rachel is like the dumbest enigma ever; they edit her to veer from really really stupid to insanely smart to actually human to completely vapid. I don’t know if she is going to roll over everyone in this game or get eliminated next week but she is oddly entertaining, and she has huge breasts.

Matt is diabolical in every way; he is a little seven year old looking genius and when i see these people like the above two, Enzo, the blonde, Monet, etc. (everyone else blends into the scene) I wonder if the producers just decided to say fuck it and started giving people lines.

I have no idea who is going to win, but I do know that the whole cast is a large bunch of smart dumb people and when Rachel gets tossed it will probably be very very boring. You know, because she has big breasts.

So – thanks to JW for that.  And I agree with him about Matt (more on that later).  UNPRECEDENTED SECOND BULLET POINT FACIAL!

  • Monet tried to convince Supertits that she should nominate The Jewish Dude as a replacement.
  • The Jewish Dude is the ONLY person who likes Team Finger (Superman and Supertits).
  • Baby Blonde’s idea seems to have been to convince Supertits that by keeping the person who hates her (Monet) and getting rid of the guy who likes her (Jewish Dude) that would somehow help Supertits.  Somehow.
  • Matt the little nerd lies to people and tells them that his wife has some melting leg disease.  This, he thinks, is going to win him the money.  See Survivor: Johnny Fairplay.
  • Matt then does something WAY SMART and volunteers to be the Pawn.  He knows he has the votes cause he is in Team Derh.  So he looks like a huge genius and Monet is fucked.
  • SUPERTITS had to be CONVINCED that this was a good idea.  She somehow thought getting rid of Jewish Guy instead of Monet was a good idea.  She’s a Chemist, a donkey and the Head of Household.  And a moron.
  • At the end, she did what Superman said and put Matt on the block.
  • Now Monet has to try and save herself which seems unlikely.

Stealth Tits and Mama Blonde were not in the episode.  Not in diary room, not in a conversation, not at all.  It’s like they aren’t in the show.  Who is editing this?  It’s not like there are 17 people in the house.  They are on three times a week.  TALK TO ALL THE PLAYERS!

I’m disgusted!  Seriously.  Someone better pay closer attention.