Here’s something you would never guess!  There were two competitions and Enzo lost them both.  He had an equal chance.  One was physical.  One was mental.  He lost both.  I think if they had a competition where the only way to win was to be named Enzo he would have thought they meant last name and disqualified himself.  And why?  Because his wife his hot.  They showed her tonight.  She’s pretty hot.  I know it’s Bayonne, but you have to figure she could have done better than Enzo.  But nope.  And do you know why?

Cause one night, Enzo was in bed and said to God: “If she marries me I swear to you I don’t need to ever win anything of consequence ever again.”  And he got his wish.  So he better take a running jump at wifey when he gets home cause unless the Earth slips off its axis he ain’t winning no half a million dollars.

Enzo could not beat Phil Davison for Stark County Treasurer.  The video below shows you the significance of the preceding statement.  Phil Davison is 100% insane.