Stupid Tivo.  It betrayed me.  I HATE clip shows.  HATE them.  And I was really afraid that tonight was going to be a clip show.  But Tivo said that it was nomination.  So even though the fact that there is no nomination in the last round (it’s just the HoH picking who goes to the finals with him) I decided that there must be something gonna happen.

I was wrong.  Nothing happened except that I may now be convinced that Team Derh (The Brigade) may indeed have been the best alliance of all time.  They could have been lying (though it seems unlikely) but if they did purposely develop side alliances then they just might be the best ever.  The fact that the three of them are the last ones standing is one piece of evidence.  The cutting out of Matt the wife-cursing double dealer was a genius move.  They have a jury that can’t hate them too badly and they seem to be good friends.

I still think that they had the advantage of playing against the stupidest bunch of idiots ever assembled, but even when I think about past seasons I have to say they would have done well.  Then again, had there been an actual other alliance in the house the Brigade may have been flushed out.  But, nothing can be done now.  It’s too late to bring in other, smarter players.  So if you add getting cast with a bunch of idiots to their list of accomplishments, then they really are the best ever.  And we’ll find out who wins on Wednesday.

And if you hear me next year talking about how I should do recaps of Big Brother, please slap me.

Oh and Vange was busy so here is the Comment of the Week.  I base my decisions on things that make no sense.  If you have any problem when that, then penguin my on the hammock-blender.  The best comment of the week was captain america in Jenny Beans’ This Week In Weird article.

captain america: September 10, 2010 at 9:54 am
Try to fake a mongol who loves cars?

I won’t try, captain america.  I won’t try because it doesn’t mean anything.  Thank you.