Well, now that this is over, my career as a recapper is over.  It paid zero but my amazing posts (and JW’s ones that showed boobs) did get at least one person to watch the show.  This person.  So form me over some money, CBS.  You owe me.  Big time.

Why the hell did I decide it would be a good idea to recap a show that was on 3 times a week?  I guess it could have been worse.  I could be recapping Morning Joe during the week and LOCKUP on the weekends.  All MSNBC all the time, baby.  Joe, Mika and some guy makin’ booze in a toilet with his foot.  That’s a career!  But anyway, as far as the show is concerned, here are my final bullet points.

  • Hayden won as I predicted a long time ago.
  • It was not unanimous as I predicted at the end of the first hour of the neverfuckingending two hour crapathon.
  • Monet is a bitch.
  • Matt is going to Hell.
  • Brendon is a moron.
  • Lane didn’t answer any of the questions they asked at the end.
  • If Lane had told Enzo the truth he might have gotten the money.
  • I’m sick of this.

They can all suck it.