With Monet gone (oops…spoiler?) the house is now whiter than the inside of a thing of Cool Whip.  They managed to all converge on the one black person in the whole house.  And why?  Oh, cause she was a backbiting obnoxious bitch.  And she kept insisting she was tough or smart or something.  She would say” I’ll punch this person in the face” or “You know why she’s doing this, right?” Except she didn’t punch anyone and the only thing she figured out was that if the only thing you do is talk about everyone else to this one other person, nobody will like you.

Also of note, EEEEHAW decided to out Wife Curser as volunteering to be the pawn.  Not sure what that did.  Really not sure.  But I did find out that doing the screen shots takes for EVER and I don’t think anyone cares.  So if anyone wants me to go back to doing them, say so in the poll.  And if there isn’t a poll, then that’s proof that Vange didn’t read this.  So now start talking.  I’m not even doing a jump!