This is all about Baby Blonde now.  I’m convinced that she is all I have left.  I missed the first 10 minutes of the show but I don’t think ‘missed’ is the right word.  Half hearted bullet points commence!

  • Sabotager told everyone that the people who are getting evicted might not leave.  That’s sort of a funny sabotage.  I emailed them in and said that the Sabotager should poop in a cup and hide it.  I was asked not to email in anymore.
  • The part where Brendon gets ripped apart by his ex was awesome.  I usually never watch those parts but they showed every sissy thing that he ever said and I lol’d and lol’d.
  • EEE HAW saying “I am Vegas” was sweet.  I think she means that if you pull on parts of her money might fall out.
  • EEE HAW told Sissyman that she loved him when they were on the block.  I think she doesn’t mean it.  He’s a douche.
  • If someone offered me a half million dollars I can count the number of people I would NOT fuck over for it can be counted on one hand.
  • So, Supertits is going home.  Sissyman stays.  If the HOH contest is ‘make a fool of yourself’ he can win.  If he does he will probably nominate his balls as they are only symbolic anyway.
  • The funny thing is that Brendon/Sissyman will think it was because he made this big show of ‘I’ll protect Supertits!’ when in actuality it was because Rachel was good at shit.
  • Brendon is now threatening everyone.  Is he ‘special’?  Does he not get how dumb he is?
  • The HOH is some rope thing.  I hope someone has the good grace to hang me.

Oh, and we have some nipslip pics of Supertits as a parting gift.  Oh, and her with brown hair.  And also, her doing science!