Even though I don’t like anyone else in the house, I still want Brendan out.  He’s a goddamn sissy-pants and even though EEE HAW/Supertits looks like a parrot with a glandular disorder, she seems like she is smarter than him.  I have hereby stripped him of his title of Superman.  Unless I now mean the Superman that lost his powers after going in the light chamber in Superman 2 and then got his ass kicked in that diner and General Zod was awesome.  That was a good movie.  Kneel before Zod.

Ugh – this is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.  Someone pick someone for me to root for?  Baby Blonde?  Anyone?  This is like torture.  Seriously.  Someone pick for me.  I can’t stand it!  But not a dude, and not the blonde sheriff.  So I guess baby blonde.  Do the people running this show get that if there are only dudes left the ratings will DIE?  Which reminds me, how can Team Derh be doing so well?  It fascinates me.