Tonight’s episode was really very good.  Britney Haynes (Baby Blonde) is the meanest little bitch that’s been in this game in a long time.  And her awesome lying and boobs that are bigger than I thought have really made me turn around and start liking her.  In fact I think I am going to pull a complete 180 and start liking everyone I hated before.  Here’s some bullet points!

  • Brendon is a moron.  His taking the Pandora’s Box because he wanted to see EEEE HAW was stupid.  He wandered around a Mansion instead of plotting and planning.
  • Rachel’s fight with Ragan was epic.  And he IS a little bitch.  She just shouldn’t have said it was because he was gay.  He would be a bitch even if he was straight, but his gay whinyness made it way worse.  And EEEE HAW said: Hey!  Make fun of me some more!  And he did and it was wicked.
  • Farm Boy One and Idiot are gonna back stab the Wife Curser.  I like that.
  • Ragan the Gay Dude won the Veto and saved himself.
  • Superman put up Wife Curser Matt in his place.
  • None of it matters cause Wife Curser is gonna use the Diamond Veto to take himself off and put Mama Blonde up.  That will mean that Team Derh stays intact for now and Gay Dude and Baby Blonde will think they are on Wife Curser’s team but Team Derh will ditch him and they will be stuck with Superman.  LOL

I like it again.  Mama Blonde hasn’t done shit!