This recap, since I am still sick and exhausted and trying to do a million things I am going to ask questions.  Except for this statement:  When Britney said she had ‘the strength of a six month old’ I lol’d.  Hard.

Answer as many of these as you want.  I’m genuinely interested.

  • Britney got her dude to put up the Playboy chick and Carrot Top.  Good move?  Bad move?  Who cares because it is week one?
  • IS there such a thing as a “meh” eviction since the coaches only have three people each?
  • The coaches contest (where whoever wins gets to keep one of their people safe) could be fun.  But not if they are all like this one.
  • Do the people who make the show ever play the games ahead of time?  Like – did they just say: We want a man to win this challenge, so we will make it running!
  • Has the “have not” room ever made people lose?  Like – how much of a punishment is it?  Stupid!
  • Who are you rooting for?
  • Who do you hate?
  • Is the nerdy kid really a creeper?